The Britain Paintings

I lived in England from 2014 to 2015 and worked in a motorcycle shop in Kent. I was busy with my work and travels and did not get a lot of time to paint. The oil paintings I did compete in that time were done in our conservatory in our terraced house in Hadlow Road Maidstone. These were based from photographs I took on my travels of the Britain. I will return there one day to paint en Plein Air and work towards a more complete collection of paintings. These paintings are mostly available for sale.

East Sussex Coastline. Oil Painting. A stormy day on Beachy Head. Painted while I lived in England in 2015. Presented unframed at this stage with Oil on Canvas Board. 762 x 508mm. AVAILABLE.

Blue Bells in the Kent Woods. Oil Painting. In spring the Blue Bells come out in the English woods and look amazing. Oil on Canvas Block 600 x 450mm. Presented unframed at this stage. AVAILABLE.

Norfolk Fields. . Acrylic on canvas board presented unframed at this stage. 505 x 405mm. AVAILABLE.

Vinter's Park Maidstone in Winter. Oil Painting. I lived in Kent in 2015 and this painting was from our favourite morning walk. One day it snowed. 600 x 450mm presented on canvas block in Oils. Not framed at this stage. AVAILABLE.

Port Erin on the Isle of Man. Oil Painting. Presented unframed at this stage on canvas board. 350x 600mm. AVAILABLE.

Scottish Highlands Panorama. Oil Painting. Not sure of the exact location but painted while I travelled Scotland's high country in 2015. Oil on Canvas block presented unframed at this stage. 1000 x 405mm. AVAILABLE.