Andrew Lang

andrewlangmusician [at] gmail [dot] com


Andrew Lang (he/him) is a composer & noisemaker living on Kaurna land in Adelaide, Australia. Taking elements from drone, shoegaze, and contemporary classical music, his work blends live and electronic instrumentation, field recordings, tape, found sounds, and live reamplification, often heavily processed to draw out unusual and unfamiliar characteristics to explore the illusory and emotional nature of sound.

Andrew has composed several full length solo records, in addition to works for films and live performance.

Andrew was also one of the participants in COMA's Sound Alliance Mentorship program, which paired emerging and established musicians from contrasting music fields. He was paired with improviser and saxophonist Derek Pascoe, culminating in a performance at the conclusion of the mentorship in 2018.

Andrew also hosts A Softer Landing on Duck! Radio, an occasional series highlighting gentle sounds from the worlds of ambient, folk, jazz, and choral music.



Momentary Senses (2020)
Rusted Tone Recordings
Cassette, Digital

"...A space that captures the preciousness and specificity of memorable personal moments..." ~ HearFeel

"It unfolds delicately and evolve at a perfectly unhurried pace..." ~ Deepest Currents

Burnt Shades (2016)
CDR, Digital

“[an] enchanting set of music that has all the immediacy of a live performance.” ~ Stationary Travels 

"...fragile drops of harmonics..." ~ Music Won't Save You

Singles & Compilations

Regime Shift (2021)
"Ennio's Muse" compilation by Whitelabrecs

Nocturne (2017)
"Whitelabsounds" compilation by Whitelabrecs
CDR, Digital

From Before (2017)


Thereafter (TBC)
Short Film
Bugeja Studio

Lyrebird (2022)
Short Film
Bugeja Studio


I perform in shows around Adelaide. I use a variety of acoustic instruments and tape machines, all processed through laptops and pedals.
In recent times I have also incorporated visuals with my live sets, sometimes generated through the music I'm playing.


September 29 @ The Jade: Tim Mortimer album launch w/ Tim Mortimer, Tim Koch, Wolfpanther

May 4 @ Ancient World: Lowpass Vol. 4 w/ Sebastian Vivian, Amamanita Axaxaxanax Glass Seer


September 29 @ Ancient World: Mine w/ Clara Hope, Jess, Jack, Tayer

August 10 @ The Hotel Metro: Experimental Night w/ The Daylight Paradigm


March 14 @ The Hotel Metro: Experimental Night w/ Callie & Shuriken Cell


December 9 @ The Hotel Metro: Experimental Night  w/ Stick & Leah Blankendaal

November 2 @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel: COMA w/ Kleinig/McHenry/Smart Trio

March 14 @ The Hotel Metro: Experimental Night w/ Monophenomena, Unacceptable

January 16 @ The Hotel Metro: An Odd Night Out w/ Ray Manta, Wellness Centre, Leitmotiv Limbo, benjamin xp


December 11 @ The Hotel Metro: Experimental Night w/ Spiractyn & Flights to Reynella


December 3 @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel: COMA Sound Alliance Mentorship with Derek Pascoe & Hillary Kleinig


May 9 @ Barr Smith Library, The University of Adelaide: New Sounds for an Old Room


August 15 @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel: COMA Emerging Artists night

July 13 @ The Hotel Metro: Experimental Night w/ Choral Grief & Christian Haines