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National Institute of Economic & Social Research

2 Dean Trench Street, Smith Square London, SW1P 3HE United Kingdom

Andrew Aitken

National Institute of Economic & Social Research (NIESR) and Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE)


Working papers

The Impact of the Introduction of the National Living Wage on Employment, Hours and Wages” (with Peter Dolton and Rebecca Riley). Blog

“A Democratic Measure of National Income for the United Kingdom, 2005-2016. Methods and Esti-mates” (with Martin Weale). 2018. (forthcoming ESCoE Discussion Paper).

“Estimating Konüs Price Indices from Household Data” (with Nicholas Oulton). 2018. (forthcoming ESCoE Discussion Paper).

“A Democratic Measure of Household Income Growth: Theory and Application to the United Kingdom” (with Martin Weale). ESCoE Discussion Paper 2018-02. (forthcoming Economica)

Coverage: Chris Giles in the FT, ONS blog by Richard Heys

“Imputation of Pension Accruals and Investment Income in Survey Data” (with Martin Weale). ESCoE Discussion Paper 2018-05.

“Do household wealth shocks affect voting behaviour?” 2015.

Published papers

"Measuring Welfare beyond GDP," National Institute Economic Review, 249(1), R3–R16.

"Housing supply, land costs, and price adjustment" (with A. Grimes). 2010. Real Estate Economics, 38:2, pp. 325-353.

"The Long-Run Impact of New Zealand’s Structural Reform on Local Communities" (with S. Stillman and M. Velamuri). 2010. Journal of Comparative Economics, 38:4, pp. 432-448.

"Rating Systems in New Zealand: An Empirical Investigation into Local Choice" (with W. McCluskey, A. Grimes, S. Kerr and J. Timmins). 2006. Journal of Real Estate Literature, 14:3, pp. 381-397.


Measuring and Pursuing Wellbeing: the promise and the pitfalls Thu, 21st November 2019, 18:15 – 19:30, UCL Department of Political Science, Bedford Way LG04, 26 Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0DS.

"Reframing a national budget: NZ wellbeing in all policies", UK Public Health Network Summit, London, 21st October 2019