Andrew Culture

Welcome aboard

My name is Andrew Culture and I create things.

This crappy website is where I keep track of the various creative projects I'm into. I also use this space to remind myself about things I've done in the past.


These are the books I've written that are currently available. There are other books I've not written yet, but they're still stuck in my head.

Getting it (romance)

The right shorts for lunch

There are other books out there but these are the ones I'm proud of.


I have been playing bass since I was fifteen years old. One day I might actually learn how to play. Here are some of the bands I've been in, and am in, in reverse order.

The Failure Men


These Are End Times


Junk Culture



I have been taking photos for clients for many years. Click the Flickr link below to see some of the photos I took for my own amusement. The YouTube link will take you to some of the videos I have made.




If you fancy interacting with me you can do so via the following popular networks.



Linked In



I'm a serial blogger, here are some of the blogs I have spewn into the world

Lawsie (personal blog)

Crud Dad (dad blog)

Ipswich Relics (spoof art oddness)


Over the years I have written for many zines. For several years I published my own zine. It was called Beat Motel.

Beat Motel

Other writing

I write a lot. Sometimes for clients, sometimes for my own amusement.

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