I'm Andreia, from Portugal

I work as a designer at OctopusLabs, a fintech company, where our team is building new tools for the newest business inside the Octopus Group, called Octopus Wealth. We're combining tech and financial planning to best serve our advisers and their clients. Before that I worked for a fintech startup called Advicefront, and in October 2016 joined the Octopus accelerator program for 3 months.

Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Or, email me andreiafscosta@gmail.com

Some of my work

Advicefront website: Redesigning the website as an intern at Advicefront

Advicefront Onboarding flow: How the onboarding was misleading advisers' clients

Advicefront Client Helper: Support and educate advisers' clients inside the product

Zoa app, university project: Introducing a simple way to collect, store and communicate faunistic data

Reko, side project: From problem to solution to pitch, at Faber Ventures Summer Internship

Work shots: Screenshots from previous or current works


I like to think of myself as a multidisciplinary designer (and person!). I like exploring with visual ideas to accomplish a goal and solve problems.

I don’t believe in linear processes to achieve things. I like trying things out and learn along the way.

I studied chemistry for 1 year, civil engineering for 4 years and then graduated in Communication Design. 😮

I enter the startup world in the summer of 2016, I was 1 of 13 finalists of Faber Ventures Summer Internship. I was a designer intern at Advicefront (Faber's portfolio startup) for 12 weeks where my focus was learning about tech startups and business. As an intern, I redesigned the company's website under Francisca's Veloso mentorship and took her place when she decided to leave.

Advicefront, is a B2B2C fintech startup that’s developing a platform for advisers. I was responsible for maintaining the overall UX and visuals of the platform across digital channels and I worked side-by-side with the team to optimize workflows. I also managed the Advicefront brand throughout all digital and physical channels. In October 2016, the team and I joined an accelerator program (Octopus accelerator) in London for 3 months.

Here's to a non-linear journey!

See full Resume (.pdf)

Please don't say that to designers



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