Selected Work in Progress

(1) Pirates Without Borders: the Propagation of Cyber Attacks through Firms’ Networks

with M. Crosignani (Michigan) and M. Macchiavelli (FRB)

(2) Foreign Bank Entry and Entrepreneurship

with L. Alfaro (Harvard), T. Beck (Cass), C. Calomiris (Columbia), and D. Osorio (BdlR)

(3) Can Fintechs and Banks Coexist? Loan-level Evidence from Tanzania

with T. Beck (Cass), R. De Haas (EBRD), and A. Presbitero (IMF)

(4) The Real Effects of Entering and Exiting Tax Havens

with T. Beck (Cass), S. Da-Rocha-Lopes (EBA), and M. Homanen (PRI and Cass)