I love inspiring you to move mindfully in ways that are best for you.

To join my Yoga Zoom class, please email me for class and sign-in details.

Classes are multi-level, with options that are accessible for most people.

For years I've been teaching mindfulness and trauma-sensitive yoga in the local community centers, schools, jail, and juvenile detention center. I enjoy teaching and inspiring students towards a calm and focused mind and a relaxed nervous system.

Having discovered yoga in 2001 while recovering from PTSD, I've gained health, strength, balance, and flexibility from the practices. I hope you will, too.


COMING SOON: Stay tuned for some short mindful moment and movement videos that you can do to help relieve stress, grief, and fear and to bolster your immune systems. With calmer nervous systems and inspired, you can focus your energy and unique set of talents to better contribute within your family, community, and organizations.

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