My name is Andrea Peterson

And I am A storyteller.

      • A freelance independent journalist with extensive experience reporting on digital culture, privacy, and technology policy. Most recently, I dug into how industry's undue influence at the Federal Communications Commission is leaving us all at risk and broke news about Amazon pitching its real-time facial recognition technology to ICE as an investigator at the Project On Government Oversight. Before that, I spent years covering technology policy for the Washington Post, earning frontpage bylines and breaking news from the Snowden cache about how the government uses commercial tracking networks to fuel cyber-intelligence actions. My byline has also appeared in Politico, Ars Technica, The Daily Beast, Slate, and other outlets.
      • A podcaster: the voice behind "Murder, She Sang," a feminist audiozine reclaiming the true stories behind America's murder ballads.
      • A visual and performing artist actively exhibiting in Washington, DC and the frontwoman/songwriter of folk band MidMountain.
      • A traveler with a thirst for overlooked legends and narratives lost to history.

Before turning my obsession with writing about scary digital stuff into a job, I cut my teeth in Democratic politics around my beautiful home state of Kansas, then did online communications and analytics work for the Center for American Progress. (I'm a Jawhawk with bachelor’s degrees in political science and East Asian languages and cultures from the University of Kansas, but my Japanese is very rusty.)

I live in Washington, D.C. with my husband and two cats named after obsolete office equipment. The cats, not the husband. My interests beyond Internet words include board games, going outside, and mechanical typewriters.

Seriously, I have four typewriters.

In my "spare" time I do a lot of creative projects, including a band called MidMountain that performs original feminist murder ballads and an extremely DIY podcast called Murder, She Sang that tells the true crime stories behind Appalachian murder ballads. I'm also making a mortality-based card game, and I bet you're sensing a theme here. Many of these personal projects are branded Plain Great Productions.

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Yeah, you know me.

But if I'm being honest, I'd rather use Signal. Ask me for my number via email.

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If it's personal, email me at andrealynnepeterson@gmail.com.

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