Mr. Anderson Education

Welcome to my personal teaching website! In this website you will find everything you would want to know about the classes I teach, what we are doing in those classes, extracurriculars I am a part of, teaching philosophy I use, as well as information about myself in general. Feel free to navigate the website as you wish! This page focuses on my past life before Somerset. I am so excited and proud to be a part of a progressive district such as Somerset! Our mission is to Engage, Empower, and Educate ALL learners.

Quick Introduction

My name is Keaton Anderson and I grew up in Clintonville, Wisconsin. It’s a small town that is known for the extremely rare earthquakes that took place there in 2012. Here is a link to the Huffington Post if you don’t believe me! I love being surrounded in the outdoors and discovering nature. Understanding how the universe works is one of my passions, which is why I attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) and majored in Broad Field Science Education with a Biology Discipline and also attaining the Earth & Space Content Certification. My time at UWRF officially ended May 12, 2017. I am a nice, easy-going person that is always looking to help others when I can, which most certainly translate into my teaching career. I am a very knowledgeable educator and know my content area well and the practices to help every learner that steps foot in my classroom. Making the learning environment safe and comfortable for students to express themselves is essential for their learning. Making school a fun place to be will get students thinking more actively and have a good time in class. Hands on activities with the REAL materials they are learning about, giving students choices about what types of assignments they will do, and class field trips for a REAL field experience are just some of my favorite things to include into the learning experience I believe can make strong, meaningful impacts on students.

UW-River Falls Women's Basketball

My favorite extra curricular activity at UWRF was being a part of the UWRF Women's Basketball team as a student assistant coach for the 2016-2017 season. This experience taught me more than I ever thought possible about coaching and the game of basketball. However, coaching involves moving players beyond the game they participate in and teaches them to evaluate themselves as well. I learned many great coaching strategies that address and build on these tasks from head coach Cindy Holbrook. She has been coaching the squad at UWRF since 2001 and is truly a phenomenal coach. My tasks on the team were to help coach players in groups as well as at an individual level. I traveled to every game and practice with the team and felt like a part of the family! I helped with statistics and in-game coaching as well. Another part of my job with the team was Social Media Director. I managed and rebranded the team's social media presence by increasing Twitter followers by 20% and Facebook page likes by 10% in one season. I was in charge of making sure everyone knew who we were and what we were doing at all times! Being a part of such a great organization will be something I never forget and will build on as I myself become a coach.

WRFW 88.7-FM Campus Radio

During my time at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls I also participated in WRFW, the university’s radio station. I loved every second of broadcasting on the radio and WRFW was the organization on campus I was most involved with. There I had my own radio show titled Keat’s Country. This was a co-hosted sports talk show The Tailgate Party, created legal ID’s and sound sweepers for the station. I also broadcasted live collegiate sporting events by color commentating men’s and women’s basketball as well as football. Some of the most unique university broadcasts I was apart of were the first ever broadcast at the new Ramer Field, the first ever NCAA tournament game victory for the UWRF women’s basketball organization, and the first ever WRFW broadcast at the Kohl Center for the men’s basketball matchup between the Wisconsin Badgers and UWRF Falcons. I was the color commentator for all of these events and loved every second of it!

My co-hosted sports talk show The Tailgate Party with my friend and roommate (right in the photo) was some of the most fun I had on the radio. We started the show the semester after my first show Keat’s Country and made it all about sports and took breaks from sport talk with country music, which was my specialty. We talked about everything under the sun as far as sports goes talking about local university sports as well as national mainstream subjects like the NFL, NBA, ect. My roommate was the sports guru and lead the way with what to talk about, but we also did fun segments on the show such as Over/Under, Flashback Friday, Science, and Friday Funnies. Our “Science” segment was my domain since I want to tell the world what is going on in the subject of science. As a part of our show, we interviewed many players and coaches live on air! We made sound bits and introductions as well as sweepers catered specifically to our show.

I loved being involved with the radio at UWRF and greatly appreciated the responsibility I was given to undertake all of the events I was a part of. You can also listen UWRF live at 88.7 WRFW in the St. Croix Vally area or stream it online at Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

UW-River Falls

Attending the University of Wisconsin-River Falls was without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, decision I ever made. UWRF taught me so much about teaching my content area as well as what kind of person to be in the future. While attending I met such an incredible amount of people that really taught me how different and diverse individuals can be in a vast and ever-changing world. Everyone has their own opinions and views on literally everything, which is what exploring the world is all about. I was never exposed to a lot of different ideals and ways of thinking in my hometown and school. Where I grew up there was a certain way of life that almost everyone lived by, which makes for small diversity. However, at UWRF I was exposed to my fellow country folk as well as the city slickers! Ironically some of my best friends there are the city slickers that I was never accustomed to being around. In the end it doesn’t matter where people come from. The most important thing is their character. In my years attending the university I also learned about all sorts of teaching strategies and methods. My favorite methods and strategies can be found in the Teaching Philosophy page of my website.