Barbarous Kalapani

White sands, Blue waters & the Dark history

Andaman & Nicobar Islands... Or just Andaman Islands (as Nicobar is no longer accessible, mostly because of the resistance from the natives) is where we headed for during the Diwali vacations of 2017.

We planned a 9 days trip to cover Port Blair, Havelock Island & Neil Island (This is the most common route but there are other new places on the tourist map). Our organizer Swarajdeep Tours & Travels planned & managed the whole trip for us. It was a personalized tour package with breakfast & dinner included for all days. Including both these meals is the best way to go as it is difficult to explore places for breakfast & dinner in these islands, so you will eventually end-up having these meals at your accommodation. We had a car to ourselves which gave our itinerary a little flexibility .

Andaman Islands is mostly inhabited by refuges from the 1971 Bangladesh War. So the culture here mostly resembles that of a small town in West Bengal. Bengali & Hindi are the most common languages.

Travelling to Andaman is rather a time travel than any other regular vacation. You will travel back atleast 4-5 years. It starts from the airport, then the black-yellow ambassador taxis & the finally the mobile network. If you turn on your mobile data you will see the symbol "E" (I bet you don't remember what "E" stands for). So now you know why this place is a paradise for all seeking complete isolation from city life.

Do your research well & set you expectations right before landing here. You do it right & you will a time of your life; you do it wrong & surviving a day will become difficult.

The literature regarding the island state is rare and unorganized. So I have recorded our trip day by day & a small list of things to do & keep in mind.

Hope you enjoy both. (My writing & your trip to paradise)