Hydrogen Therapy Centers

Aliyah Angels organization is announced the Hydrogen Therapy Centers project, for patients who are suffering from a lot of cases. What we can learn is, that this Hydrogen Therapy Machine is helping people to feel better even in difficult situations. you can read more about it in this link. Our project is built a couple of Machins and brings them to Israel for patients treatments, we also can send this machine to other countries with a special request. Every donation will be followed by an Invoice from the Aliyah Angels group and the doner will get 50% discount for treatments in Israel centers for a 1 year. In this link you can see more about the Hydrogen Machine.

Molecular hydrogen-Micha.docx

for more details please comtact us at : aliyah.angelsil@gmail.com or by phone and fax: 972-77-555-8220