Aliyah Angels


I, Rozanne Kotton Laufert established The Aliyah Angels Organization in 2014 after making Aliyah to Israel from South Africa. Although I was very familiar with Israel and the bureaucratic system, I was overwhelmed by the realization of how alone New Immigrants to Israel truly were.

In South Africa, I had filled the role as an Emissary for The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) under the title of Public Relations and Communications Manager as well as filling the role of the South African representative to the Naale Elite Academy Program. I had gained valuable “theoretical” experience regarding the Aliyah process.

Prior to my work at JAFI I was the Public Relations Liaison Manager at Netcare Linksfield Hospital - a large private hospital in Johannesburg where I was extremely involved with the South African Jewish Community for over 7 years. This role became my “business card” to which many still people refer.

My personal Aliyah experience led me to understand that Aliyah is a stressful and lonely process. I believe there is a need for a social organization where my professional experience could benefit other new immigrants who are experiencing the same difficulties.

This led to me creating the organization known as of Aliyah Angels.

Over the years I have received more and more requests to assist English speakers in Israel in navigating the healthcare system, understanding their Bituach Leumi rights, and generally with all related health care issues.

The focus of Aliyah Angels became clear; the organization became actively involved within the medical world. Aliyah Angels was now affectionately known as Aliyah Angels Healthcare Management.

My professional experienced gained within Israel has contributed to the trust people have in me.

I have had the privilege of working as the Manageress of the Meuhedet Kupat Holim Clinic in South Tel Aviv and currently work as a Medical Case Manager at the Sheba International Tourism Division.

In 2015, Moti Anav joined Aliyah Angels Healthcare Management in the role of as Chief Officer of Operations.

It had become evident to us that many elderly Israelis were often alone in Israel and they too experience difficulties especially in the area of healthcare management.

As a recognized medical representative of specific Israeli medical facilities, Moti provides a large database and network to allow our members to reach the finest medical professionals in Israel whilst I take care of the English speakers.

Our Vision

Moti Anav and I have chosen to dedicate our lives to assisting new Olim and lonely elderly Israelis to gain the social and emotional assistance they deserve. This is possible by providing ongoing assistance particularly with medical case management.

We aim to provide this essential support to new immigrants in the hope that once people feel supported and secure, they will chose to stay in Israel and make this their home.

Our Mission

To provide new immigrants and elderly Israeli citizens with the much needed assistance in receiving the best medical and social attention by providing professional and caring medical case management throughout Israel.

· To offer expert medical treatment options to foreigners seeking medical attention in Israel.

· To open an English speaking call center to provide support and guidance to English speakers in Israel.

· To alleviate the stress of navigation the Israel medical system by means of providing prompt and professional assistance with regards to translating of medical documents, ensuring reach of the best medical expert in the shortest possible time and offering personal escort to appointments.


With over 20 years’ experience in meeting the needs of individual patients, planning diagnostic procedures, advocating for patients’ rights and liaising between medical staff and the families of the patient throughout the entire medical treatment, Rozanne Kotton Laufert now offers Personal Medical Case Management to individuals who find it difficult to navigate the medical system in Israel.

Medical case management is about keeping you (the patient’s) best interests at heart; this is achieved by arranging a personal meeting to establish your exact medical needs and to review your medical history in order to understand what your medical needs may be.

The process:

  • Receive medical referral from patient
  • Appointment bookings.
  • Apply for the approvals (Tofes 17)
  • Search for English speaking physician or para medical supplier to attend to your needs.
  • Escort patient you to the medical consultations.*( Optional )
  • Liaise between you (the patient), the medical service providers, medical administrative staff at your Kupat Holim, consultants at your Private Health Insurance companies and Bituach Leumi.
  • Keep you informed of the treatment planned and the next step recommended by the medical teams.
  • Monitor the current treatment plan and ensure that you are receiving the most efficient treatment available in the shortest possible time.
  • Create your personal Medical file containing all your relevant medical history, previous test results, referrals, claims, treatment and diagnostic information.
  • Taking care of all your needs including follow-up treatment at home or in a rehabilitation Centre.
  • Medication collection and delivery* (Optional)
  • Arrangement for nursing care, physiotherapists, medical equipment ordering and delivery.

Please see below a couple of Thank you notes received by us for assistance we provided

My name is Leah Goldberg. I made Aliyah in May 2014. I was 35 years old and came alone. I originally had a job as an English teacher in a school to little children and then branched off on my own as a private tutor of Maths, English, Culture and the Sciences. I am now opening my own English Centre in the Heart of Tel Aviv for Children.

I was very privileged and lucky to have Rozanne Kotton Laufert as my next door neighbor. She was my first friend in Tel Aviv and remains a constant, loyal and true friend.

As being on one’s own in a foreign land, unable to speak the language, certain things can arise, things out of the blue that catch you unaware. One such thing was me being rushed to hospital on a workday in the morning. I had phoned my medical aid but they could not speak English and I didn’t know what to do. I put myself in a taxi and they took me to Ichilov hospital. I had contracted cat scratch fever and half my face was completely swollen.

The doctors had no idea what it was and so begun the tests. I phoned Rozanne to tell her what happened and without expecting or even asking she was there in a flash translating everything for me, speaking to doctors and literally holding my hands as pipes were stuffed down my nose with tears rolling down my face because it just felt so awful.

When things calmed down she left and after x-rays, blood tests, drips and eleven hours in hospital they finally let me go – but thank G-d Rozanne was there to help and comfort me.

Rozanne was there for me once again in times of great distress. This time it was Pesach 2016 and my boyfriend and I were in a huge collision on the highway. It was a very surreal experience. The car was hit and we moved it to the side of the road as people ran up to us and the poor man who had hit us with his motorbike. Three hours later all the police who had to be involved arrived BUT we couldn’t write our statement and leave because we didn’t speak Hebrew so they took away his driving license and told him to return with a Hebrew speaker after Pesach.

Immediately I phoned Rozanne and without hesitation she was there for us. She accompanied us to the police station, sat with us – she was late for her own work but didn’t complain once. She was only too glad to help. She translated both our statements and finally we went our own ways.

Aliyah Angels is a very fitting name for Rozanne’s organization because she truly is an angel. I have never met such a warm, loving, compassionate person in my life that gets so much joy out of helping others. With her strong character and passion for helping those in need I recommend her and her services without hesitation and guarantee that she is the person you can rely on in times of greatest need.


Leah Goldberg


Carole Herson:

I had the good fortune of meeting Rozanne in Johannesburg in 2013, before we made Aliyah.

Rozanne brought my 16 year old daughter Sivan, to Israel in August 2013 to start the Naale program in Hod Hasharon.

I felt completely at ease that Sivan was well taken care of both during the trip, and on her landing in Israel, even though this was the 1st time that Sivan and I had been separated for an extended period of time. Sivan also was comfortable with Rozanne as she showed compassion and care during this transition.

I came to Israel 6 weeks later in October 2013, and there was not a person in sight, nor any organization to help me with the overwhelming process of getting settled in Israel.

It was an uphill battle and many times I thought to myself, “what have I done and why did I come here?”

From not knowing the procedures, finding an apartment, knowing where to look for employment and having to deal with the language barrier, it was an impossible task.

I was elated when Rozanne herself made Aliya in January 2014. Since then, Rozanne has been my crutch for any and every issue I faced (and still do on a daily basis) with the bureaucracy, language and just dealing with everyday problems in Israel.

Rozanne is a genuine caring and trustworthy person and it’s clear that she thrives on helping people.

She has made herself available every time I was faced with a problem during this tedious Aliyah journey.

I highly recommend Rozanne to any person who is thinking of making Aliya or, like me, has landed in Israel with nowhere to turn for help. She will be your crutch, your best friend and trust me when I say, at times your life saver in the Holy Land


Dear Rozanne,

Words cannot express the gratitude we have towards you for assisting us in getting the twins accepted into the Naale Elite Academy program.

Since you knew my sister Liana, when we called you for guidance, you immediately knew the solution.

During the application process you were invaluable in guiding us through the emotional ups and downs. When the twins initially were not accepted, you calmed us and guided us. This ultimately resulted in their acceptance. As you can imagine we were so relieved that they were accepted.

I am reassured that your organization (Aliya Angels) is an organization that gives immigrants a foundation and the security that they need to make their arduous journey to Israel a success.

Please let me know should you require anything from us as we would love to be able to help you in whatever way possible.


Michael Koton


Hi my name is Helene Forman my husband and I immigrated from South Africa to Israel in April 2011

Rozanne is not just an Angel but nothing is too big or too small for her.

Any forms to be filled out, help with elderly family members who she never

knew offered us help in coming to sit and explain to them how and what to do in her patient and amazing way by explaining in English about certain things on the system to filling out important forms and just being there to give advice and listen, as an English speaker with a great open heart she was and remains amazing.

Thank you Rozanne


Brendon Davis‎ September 21, 2015 · Givatayim

If anyone needs any help with documentation and getting settled into life in Israel please speak to Rozanne Kotton Laufert. She helped me every step of the way, to opening up a bank account, to organizing my medical aid. I was done in my first week her with everything. She runs a business called Aliyah Angels. Helping all new Olim with the start of their new journey. Get in touch with her


Rozanne was very sweet & generous with her time in helping me with medical and insurance pages that needed to be reviewed before I signed with a medical insurance plan.

I will be forever grateful.