Gala dinner

For gala dinner PRAGUE VENICE is inviting us to St. Agnes and the Charles Bridge Museum which is located in several halls of original Knights´ of the Cross with the Red Star hospital and church of St. Spirit (St. Francesco)

Very ancient place next to the Charles Bridge, there is a Charles Bridge Museum and St. Agnes museum, during the gala dinner, boat roundtrips will organized which are included in the price of the gala dinner.

The Charles Bridge Museum

The Charles Bridge is a unique historical sight with a world-wide renown. It is doubtlessly one of the symbols of Prague. Find out about the bridge's life, as well as about the lives of of the people around it. It has a true genius of the place!

The Grand Opening Ceremony of the Museum for public took place on Sunday June 17, 2007 at 10 am.

Prague Venice company

The Prague Venice company (Pražské Benátky s.r.o.) runs ferry cruises on the Moldau River and the Canal Čertovka (Devil’s Stream) in the heart of Prague. The company is very proud of its boats which were built in the best tradition of the end of 19th century. The cruise through unique surroundings is accompanied by professional commentary of our captains who will inform the passengers about monuments around the river.

Our boat company employs three dozen individuals of various confessions, nationalities and races. The company was founded AD 1993 by Mr Zdeněk Bergman, a simple Prague ferryman. After finishing his studies of the science of water supply and distribution, he commenced building up the company that combines his dream of carrying out the boating trade and his love for old Prague, together with his desire to acquaint as many people as possible with what he believes is beautiful, valuable and noble in this city.


For greater comfort of our esteemed clients, our company was bold to build several wharfs, placed conveniently alongside the River Vltava, and it is fully at the will of each worthy client which one he pleases to choose, without any alteration of his sightseeing cruise. And what are the wonders that the traveller may behold? Here we present a selection of the most precious architectonic jewels as well as other gems, glorified by legends and enjoying general acclaim, which one can see only and solely with our boating company.

The first of these are original and so far unseen views of the well-known panorama of the Prague Castle, the seat of the Kings of Bohemia, which, when observed from the river, seem even more royal and noble than an ordinary pedestrian may see them. From all possible angles, the beauties of the noble work of Emperor Charles IV are revealed – the bridge which his faithful master-builder Peter Parler vaulted over the river. The construction of our boats, which faces no obstacles in the river, allows you to observe also the so-called zero arch, which is completely hidden from the sight of pedestrians. And a veritable feast for the eye of the connoisseur and admirer of Czech culture and famous history is sailing underneath the last extant arch of Judith Bridge, the worthy predecessor of Charles Bridge. This wholly unique spot is now completely hidden underneath Křížovnické square, known only by genuine experts on Prague topography.

*) Text and images taken from Prague Venice and Charles Bridsge Museum, website and leaflets