St. Anne's church, the main conference hall, is located in beautiful old quarter, just in the center of Prague. There is a lot of stylish restaurants, coffee bars in the vicinity

Prague Crossroads - St. Anne's church | Zlatá 240/10, Prague 1

For discussion groups, another venue will be used in walking distance (cca 200 meters) from the main venue

Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies | Novotného lávka 5, Prague 1

A map directing you between the venues will be part of the conference information package

St. Anne's church, in the Old Town of Prague, near Charles Bridge and the embankment of the Vltava, in a prominent and much visited arca, you will find a square called Anenské náměstí. On this square opposite the popular Theatre on the Ballustrade, which was, among other things, the scene of Václav Havel's theatrical work in the 1960s - there are buildings of a former convent of Dominican nuns with the church of St. Anne.

The discussion rooms are situated on the riverbank, with a great view of Prague and the Charles Bridge

Gala dinner

Right next to the Charles Bridge, there is a very ancient place, newly reopened as Charles Bridge Museum and St. Agnes museum, which is located in several halls of original Knights´ of the Cross with the Red Star hospital and church of St. Spirit (St. Francesco). During the gala dinner, boat roundtrips will be organized by Prague venice, which are included in the price.