Schedule & Speaker Biographies (below)

Friday December 1st 2017

4 pm to 6 pm: Registration

6 pm to 6-15pm: Welcome from IAAP and local organisers

6-15 pm to 6-45 pm: Welcome from Tomáš Sedláček

6-45pm to 8-15pm: Panel 1: Leaders, led, migration

Tom Singer (US): Extinction Anxiety and the Yearning for Annihilation: Trumpism as an American Cultural Complex

Gražina Gudaitė (Lithuania): Relationship with Authority: Moving from Helplessness towards Experience of Authorship

Antonio Karim Lanfranchi (Italy/Egypt): Racism and the Colonial Complex: Ethical and Analytical Considerations

8-15pm to 10-30pm: An evening of live music with typical Czech cuisine

Saturday December 2nd 2017

8am to 9am: Social Dreaming Matrix with Ali Zarbafi (UK/Iran)

9-30am to 11-30am: Panel 2: Ecological and other crises

Tristan Troudart (Israel): Middle East Tragedies: When Fathers are Made Absent by Torture, War and Migration – Clinical, Symbolic and Political Perspectives

Gao Lan Shen (China): Garden of the Heart and Soul: Working with Orphans in China – Symbolic and Clinical Reflections

Dennis Merritt (US): Think Big: Jung's New Age Paradigm Shift will have an Ecological Framework

Guest Speaker: TBC

11-30am to 11-50am: Break

12pm to 1pm: Discussion group 1 (60 minutes)

1pm to 2-30pm: Lunch

2-30pm to 4-30pm Panel 3: Migration, refugees, walls, bridges

Monica Luci (Italy): The Salience of Borders in Refugees’ Experience: Violation of Bodies, Transgression of National Boundaries and Threatened Identities in the Mediterranean

Evangelos Tempelis (Greece/Switzerland): Kosovo as a State of Mind: A Psychosocial Assessment of Kosovo Communities

Begum Maitra (UK/India): With Respect to Prejudice - Renewable Resources and Warning Signs

Gustavo Beck (Mexico) How to Walk through Walls: Using Hybrid Identities, Psychological Porousness, and Nomadic Consciousness to Rethink the U.S.-Mexico Border

4-30pm to 4-50pm: Break

5pm to 6-30pm: Discussion group 2 (90 minutes)

8pm: Gala dinner

Sunday December 3rd 2017

8am to 9am: Social Dreaming Matrix with Ali Zarbafi (UK/Iran)

9-30am to 11-30am: Panel 4 Histories and futures

Scott Hyder (US): Environments of the Self & the Telos of ¨Collective Individuation¨: Relationships of Resonance & Dissonance in Thresholds of Crises & Consciousness at Scale as Initiations to Greater Integrity in Being Humans in the World

Yasuhiro Tanaka (Japan): The Japanese Psyche Reflected in the Suppression and Transformation of ‘Hidden Christians’ in Feudal Japan

Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi UK/Palestine): History, the Orphan of Our Time: Palestinian Narratives of Psychological Inheritance

Jörg Rasche (Germany): The Golem–Complex: From Prague to Silicon Valley

11-30am to 11-50am: Break

11-50am to 1-50pm: Panel 5 Psyche in political context

John Beebe (US): Psychological Citizenship

Heather Formaini (Italy/Australia): In the Shadow of Europe: The psychological dynamics of learned helplessness in Roma communities, the most marginalised of all ethnic groups

Ali Zarbafi (UK/Iran): Suffering in Exile: Bi-lingual Clinical Work with a Gay Muslim Refugee who is to be Deported

Lynn Alicia Franco (US/Colombia): Developing Multicultural Perspectives in Psychotherapy Training Institutes: The Catalyzing Influence of Immigrants’ Cultural Complexes

1-50pm to 2pm: Closing the conference

2pm to 3-30pm: Lunch

3-30pm to 5pm: Optional general review and planning session


Monday December 4th 2017, 9am to 2pm.

For members and candidates of the IAAP only, there will be a Symposium that will continue the discussion of the IAAP Statement on the impact of Jung’s writings on the participation of people of color and indigenous populations in analytical psychology. This discussion commenced at the 2016 Kyoto IAAP Congress. IAAP members will have received a letter about the Symposium from the President.


Each speaker will have 17 ½ minutes. After each speaker there will be 5 minutes discussion on their talk. At the end of the panel, there will be 30 minutes general discussion


Gustavo Beck is an archetypal psychologist and Jungian psychotherapist with a clinical practice in Mexico City. Co-Founder of the Journal of Archetypal Studies. He is also a translator of books and essays on psychology and the humanities, as well as a professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. His interests revolve around the intersection of psychology with politics, economy, social justice, history, and culture.

John Beebe, a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, practices psychotherapy in San Francisco. The author of Integrity in Depth and Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type: The Reservoir of Consciousness, he co-authored Psychiatric Treatment: Crisis, Clinic and Consultation and The Presence of the Feminine in Film and edited Terror, Violence and the Impulse to Destroy and C. G. Jung’s Aspects of the Masculine. He founded The San Francisco Jung Institute Library Journal (now Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche) and was the first American editor of The Journal of Analytical Psychology. He regards himself as a citizen of the world.

Heather Formaini is Australian by birth though European by choice. She spent exhilarating years as a broadcaster and documentary-maker before becoming a Jungian analyst. She has worked in the refugee courts in London, in some refugee detention centres (prison camps) in Australia, and now divides her time between the hills of Lucca doing permaculture and the juvenile court in Florence, with lawyers advocating the rights of the people we know as Roma. It is because of this work she wants to work alongside activists of other professions. Her abiding interests lie in the sociology of the lack of knowledge, masculinities, and fathering.

Lynn Alicia Franco, LCSW, works bilingually (Spanish/English) from a multicultural relational perspective as a Jungian Psychoanalyst in private practice in Berkeley, California. She is an active member of the Extended Education Committee of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco and is on the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity. At the Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, she is a faculty member and founder of the Supervision Study Program and the Psychological Study of Cultural Identities. She has consulted to the University of California S.F. community mental health services and to the Woman's Therapy Center addressing group dynamics as related to cultural and racial diversity.

Gražina Gudaitė, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at Vilnius University and a Jungian psychoanalyst as well as President of the Lithuanian Association for Analytical Psychology. She is the author of several books and articles on analytical psychology, and co-editor with Murray Stein of Confronting Cultural Trauma: Jungian Approaches to Understanding and Healing. She has a private practice in Vilnius and teaches in the Analyst Training program in Lithuania.

Scott Hyder is a Jungian psychoanalyst, member of AGAP. Since 2012 in private practice in Zürich, Switzerland. From 1989 -’94 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, he facilitated and expanded efforts to provide community programs through the existing CG Jung Society of Vancouver. Later, returning to his home state of Idaho, USA, he also provided public forums for depth psychology in book stores and coffee shops in Twin Falls and Sun Valley (Java*Jung). From 2002 to 2012, in Boise, he hosted a paneled presentation on environmental crises at the public library, as well as films, guest speakers and workshops through the Idaho Friends of Jung, a non-profit organization he co-founded and led, and which continues to serve community awareness and growth.

Gao Lan, PhD, is Professor of Psychology (South China Normal University and the City University of Macao), a Jungian analyst/IAAP, Sandplay Therapist/ISST/STA and President of the Chinese Association of Sandplay Therapy. She is the main organizer of the ‘Garden of the Heart and Soul’ project. Gao Lan has published several papers in English and 20 papers in Chinese including ‘Supervision of sandplay in preschool education’ in Supervision of Sandplay Therapy, edited by Harriet S. Friedman and Rie Rogers Mitchell. She is the Chief Editor of nine volumes of the Selected Works of C.G. Jung in Chinese.

Antonio Karim Lanfranchi, MD, PA, is a cardiologist and an analyst (trained at the CGJI), currently based in Milan. Author of The Asclepius Complex: Current Myths and Medical Consumerism (2015, in Italian) and ‘Cairo: The Mother of the World’ in Psyche and the City: A Soul’s Guide to the Modern Metropolis edited by Thomas Singer (2010).

Monica Luci, Ph.D, is an analytical psychologist, a member of AIPA - Rome, and a relational psychoanalyst. She has extensive experience in psycho-social and psychotherapeutic work with asylum seekers and refugees who have survived torture. Her work in this field developed in a Post-Traumatic Stress Service of the Italian National Health System, within NGOs defending human rights, in reception centers for asylum seekers and refugees, in academia at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies of University of Essex, and in private practice. She has contributed to a number of international conferences on the topics of the consequences of torture, identification of survivors, and post-traumatic states in psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and research. She is author of a psycho-social study entitled Torture, Psychoanalysis and Human Rights (2017).

Begum Maitra is a psychotherapist, trainer, and supervisor in London (UK). Her long career as a psychiatrist, and personal experience in India, alerted her to how the problem of difference is managed through biological constructions, located within ephemeral national boundaries, and re-workings of history. These subjects continue to influence her reading, clinical work and writing. Apart from writing papers and book chapters she has co-edited Critical Voices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (2006) with Sami Timimi, made the film How Culture Matters (2014) with Morag Livingstone, and co-authored Culture and Madness (2014) with Inga-Britt Krause.

Dennis Merritt has a PhD in insect pathology (microbial control of insect pests) from UC-Berkeley and is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich. He practices as a Jungian analyst and ecopsychologist in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and authored four volumes of The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe—Jung, Hermes, and Ecopsychology. He wrote the chapter on ecopsychology in a forthcoming Routledge textbook entitled Rethinking Nature, Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries that explores the new alignments in academia to address environmental issues. (

Joerg Rasche, Jungian Analyst trained in Berlin and Zurich (Sandplay Therapy with Dora Kalff) and psychiatrist for children, private practice in Berlin. Former president of the German Jungian Association and former vice president of IAAP. Currently president of the German Association for Sandplay Therapy. Also a trained musician, he has published many papers and some books about mythology, music, sandplay therapy and analytical psychology. He is co-editor (with Tom Singer) of Europe´s Many Souls. Exploring Cultural Complexes and Identities (2016). He teaches in Central European countries and was honored for his engagement for people’s reconciliation by the Polish president with the Golden Cross of Merit. He gives concert-lectures all over the world.

Thomas Singer, MD. is a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, practicing in San Francisco. His interests have included studying the relationship between myth, politics and psyche in The Vision Thing. He has conducted researches in several countries on the cultural complex theory. He serves as President of ARAS, an online archive, which explores symbolic imagery from all cultures and eras. He is the author and editor of many articles and books, the most recent of which are Europe’s Many Souls with Joerg Rasche and ‘Trump and the American Selfie: Archetypal Defenses of the Group Spirit’ in A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump.

Yasuhiro Tanaka, Ph.D., is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University. He is also a Senior Analyst and Honorary Secretary of the Association of Jungian Analysts, Japan (AJAJ).

Tristan Troudart, MD, is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and Jungian analyst, born in Chile, lives in Israel, member of the Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology (IIJP). Formerly director of the Day Hospitalization Department at the Jerusalem Mental Health Center, Kfar- Shaul Hospital. He is active in human rights work, has participated in projects of training and cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian mental health professionals, supported by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, and of interviewing and diagnosing victims of torture with the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel. He is currently in private practice in Jerusalem.

Evangelos Tsempelis is a psychoanalyst-in-training living and practicing in Zurich as well as a co-founder of Stillpoint Spaces: He has a background in history and international relations and prior experience of working in the Balkans for projects of humanitarian and institutional assistance.

Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi is an Analytical Psychologist and a Dance-Movement Therapist. She is a teacher and practitioner of Authentic Movement, and the founder of the Central London Authentic Movement Group. She is a Leadership-trained BodySoul Rhythms® from The Marion Woodman Foundation. Heba is a Chartres Labyrinth facilitator, and founder of The Silence Retreats. Her practice is based in London and Greece, and she consults on Psycho-Social projects in the Middle East. Heba has devised a method of working with Collective Trauma and building Resilience in tune with cultural differences. Her doctorate thesis in Philosophy was on ‘The Metaphysics of Time’.

Ali Zarbafi D An Psych, is a Jungian Analyst and Clinical Supervisor. Ali has worked clinically for 23 years in private practice and the UK National Health Service. He is a founder member of the Multi-lingual Psychotherapy Centre in London and facilitated workshops in London and Scotland entitled 'Working with the Refugee Experience' between 1999 and 2006. He is also author, with John Clare, of Social Dreaming in the 21st Century: The World we are Losing (2009)

Programme committee:

Stefano Carta (University of Cagliari, Italy), Emilija Kiehl (British Jungian Analytic Association) and Andrew Samuels (University of Essex)