Information for participants

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted that you have chosen to participate at the Analysis and Activism conference in Prague. We apologize for the belated information regarding the event. At the beginning, there is information regarding the conference. Further on, information about how to travel around Prague is included. Please read or maybe better print out some of the information below, that should be helpful to you when getting to the conference venue and going about Prague.

Lunch (regular or vegetarian) | Обед

Please fill in until November 27th if you wish to get a lunch at the conference (5 Euros per meal). The restaurants nearby will be quite expensive (around 15-20 Euros per meal)

Optional Culture programme – those who signed up will receive dedicated emails. There is still possibility to join, you can look on the web and write an email to us if you wish to join.

Gala Dinner – there is no specific dress code, the gala dinner will take place inside, but there will be boat rides available from the gala dinner venue, the boats are half-open and heated, but still it can get very cold on the river.

Please have some cash (Euros or Czech Crowns), card payments will not be possible at the conference

A map showing gala dinner venue, discussion rooms etc. will be part of the conference package you will receive when registering for the conference.

An interactive map can be found here, in attachment is a map of basic public transport a map showing the city with interanational bus and train stations and a closer map to help you reach the venue.

The main venue address is:

Prague Crossroads (St. Anne's Church)

Zlatá 211/1, 110 00, Prague

Contact is also possible through phone if necessary

Tomas Mittelbach

00420 605254265

Martin Skála

00420 604949796

Below is basic information about how to travel around Prague and some useful information.


Weather at the time of the conference is usually quite cold, but this year we expect temperatures of -3 to 3°C (27-37°F). Possibly rain/snow and windy weather.

WIFI internet access is very common, free on all arrival spots (plane, bus, train) on some public places and public transport stops. Nearly all shopping centres and restaurants, hotels etc. have WIFI connection.

Google maps works well, with public transport navigation integration.


The best exchange rate would be 1 EURO = 24,50 CZK or 1 USD = 20,50 CZK. Please do check how much money you will get, as there are many places with very bad exchange rates. Many shops or taxis accept debit cards or Euros, though the rate is not the best, it is acceptable (at the Airport, it is said that it´s better to buy a chewing gum with Euros and get change back in CZK, than to actually go to an exchange).

As this conference is about activism, we would mention that some Czech people have chosen to address this issue with money publicly and post guides on Youtube, the most known are these videos:


Prague has a good and quite cheap public transport system, though in most cases you need Czech Crowns to buy a ticket. Ticket price is 32 CZK for 90 minutes or 110 CZK for a day. Tickets can be bought in the bus or in ticket machines in yellow color. Only Czech crowns are accepted (perhaps there is a newer machine with card payment option)

Website ofthe public transport provider


Uber is available in Prague. With taxis, it is also good to check the price, generally it is better to use taxi companies than freelance taxi cars. When it comes to price, it is generally better to call a taxi or get a taxi through a phone app.

You can check the rates on a map on this page, although it is in Czech, you can move the pins on the map and the price range is being generated through different taxi service providers -


If you have accommodation near the conference venue or go directly to the venue:

At the airport

Public transport - Bus 119 to the end station Nádraží Veleslavín, there is directly a station of the Green “A” Subway line, where you go towards the city centre. The Subway station to get of the train is Staroměstská or Můstek

Taxi - If you choose a taxi, the price should be around 500-600 CZK to go to the centre.

By train

Public transport - Red Subway line C one stop to “Muzeum” station and change to the Green A line to station Můstek or Staroměstská.

Taxi – price should not be more than 300 CZK to go around the centre of the city

By bus

Public transport – Yellow Subway B line to Můstek station

Taxi – price should not be more than 300 CZK to go around the centre of the city