Analysis & Activism III

1st to 3rd December 2o17 Prague

more social and political contributions of jungian psychology


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The conference is in English. Russian translation is available.

Accommodation is not included, for options see dedicated page

Please consider and check the necessity of applying for visas to Czechia

About the conference series:

This is the third in the acclaimed series of Analysis and Activism conferences organised under the auspices of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. It is no exaggeration to say that the need for creative and imaginative approaches to the social and political problems the world faces is urgent. The conference will present new and fresh Jungian approaches to the social and political domains, but there will also be a chance to explore how the contributions have evolved since the first two conferences in London in 2014 and Rome in 2015. The programme of invited speakers contains some well-known activists and writers alongside some relative newcomers.


Reduced * (after 1.10.) 3200 CZK (cca. 120 €)

Regular (after 1.10.) 3700 CZK (cca. 140 €)

Gala dinner regular 1050 CZK (cca. 40 €)

Gala dinner reduced* 800 CZK (cca. 30 €)

Translation into Russian 250 CZK (cca. 10 €)

*candidates, trainees, students (of all kinds), IAAP routers, etc.

Registration for the conference opens at 4pm on Friday December 1st 2017 and the final session closes at 2pm on Sunday December 3rd. There will then be a planning meeting that will finish at 5pm. Participants are encouraged to attend the planning session. It is not necessary to belong to the IAAP to attend the conference – all are welcome

Members and candidates of the IAAP are invited to an IAAP Symposium on Monday December 4th from 9am to 2pm at no extra cost.

Registration & contacts

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Prague, St. Anne's church

On the logo of this conference you can see St. Wenceslav (Václav. 907-935), who is Czech patron and who was also our king and politician trying cooperate peacefully with nations abroad and reinforced Christianity into our country. The legend says that after his assassination by his Brother Boleslav, Wenceslav´s remains were exhibited in St. Anna church, where our conference takes places.

The main conference venue is located in a beautiful old quarter in the center of Prague. It is associated with Václav Havel. There are many stylish restaurants, cafes and bars in the vicinity. Prague Crossroads (St. Anne’s Church):


Friday December 1st 2017

4 pm to 6 pm: Registration

6 pm to 6-15pm: Welcome from IAAP and local organisers

6-15 pm to 6-45 pm: Welcome from ...... (tbc)

6-45pm to 8-15pm: Panel 1: Leaders, led, migration

Tom Singer (US), Gražina Gudaitė (Lithuania), Antonio Karim Lanfranchi (Italy/Egypt)

8-15pm to 10-30pm: An evening of live music with typical Czech cuisine

Saturday December 2nd 2017

8am to 9am: Social Dreaming Matrix with Ali Zarbafi (UK/Iran)

9-30 to 11-30am: Panel 2: Ecological and other crises

Tristan Troudart (Israel), Gao Lan Shen (China), Dennis Merritt (US), Fabrice Dubosc (Italy/France)

11-30am to 11-50am: Break

12pm to 1pm: Discussion group 1 (60 minutes)

1pm to 2-30pm: Lunch

2-30pm to 4-30pm Panel 3: Migration, refugees, walls, bridges

Monica Luci (Italy), Evangelos Tempelis (Greece/Switzerland), Begum Maitra (UK/India), Gustavo Beck (Mexico),

4-30pm to 4-50pm: Break

5pm to 6-30pm: Discussion group 2 (90 minutes)

8-30pm: Gala dinner

Sunday December 3rd 2017

8am to 9am: Social Dreaming Matrix with Ali Zarbafi (UK/Iran)

9-30am to 11-30am: Panel 4 Histories and futures

Scott Hyder (US), Yasuhiro Tanaka (Japan), Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi UK/Palestine), Joerg Rasche (Germany)

11-30am to 11-50am: Break

11-50am to 1-50pm: Panel 5 Psyche in political context

John Beebe (US), Heather Formaini (Italy/Australia), Ali Zarbafi (UK/Iran), Lynn Alicia Franco (US/Colombia)

1-50pm to 2pm: Closing the conference

2pm to 3-30pm: Lunch

3-30pm to 5pm: Optional general review and planning session

IAAP Symposium

Monday December 4th 2017, 9am to 2pm.

For members and candidates of the IAAP only, there will be a Symposium that will continue the discussion of the IAAP Statement on the impact of Jung’s writings on the participation of people of color and indigenous populations in analytical psychology. This discussion commenced at the 2016 Kyoto IAAP Congress. IAAP members will have received a letter about the Symposium from the President.

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