Ana Garcia Elsener

Institut für Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen

​Address: Heinrichstraße 36, 4.Stock - Office 528

Email:, or

I am part of the Algebra and Number Theory research group at the University of Graz, with Dr. Karin Baur.

I graduated as a bachelor in mathematics at the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 2012.

I finished my Ph.D in 2017, under the supervision of Dr. Ralf Schiffler and Dr. Sonia Trepode.

Publications and preprints - Link to arXiv

  1. (with K. Serhiyenko) Mutation of type D friezes subimitted (arxiv 2019)
  2. (Appendix by M. Pressland and S. Kvamme) Monomial Gorenstein algebras and the stably Calabi-Yau property. submitted (arxiv 2018)
  3. (with Karin Baur and Dusko Bogdanic) Cluster categories from Grassmannians and root combinatorics. Nagoya Math. Published online: 03 June 2019, pp. 1-33
  4. (with Elsa Fernandez and Sonia Trepode) m-cluster tilted algebras of euclidean type. J. Algebra 519, 2019, 378-397.
  5. (with Daniel Smertnig and Philipp Lampe) Factoriality and class groups of cluster algebras. Accepted Adv. Math. (arxiv 2017)
  6. Gentle m-Calabi-Yau tilted algebras. submitted (arxiv 2017)
  7. (with Ralf Schiffler) On syzygies over 2-Calabi-Yau tilted algebras, J. Algebra 470, 2017, 91-121.

orcid 0000-0003-4869-4876

Research projects:

(1) Dimer algebras on surfaces, project P30549 FWF, 2017 - 2020. (Austria)


Teoría de Auslander-Reiten y Álgebras de Conglomerado. 2015-2017. (Argentina)

Currently working on:

Algebras from Grassmannians.

​​​​​Triangles in cluster categories and punctured skein relations.

​m-cluster tilted algebras and their module categories.

​Representation theory and Cohomology.


Summer Semester 2019 "Cluster algebras" (UniGraz graduate course)

I obtained a part-time lecturer position at UNMdP (Arg)