Painter, Sound Artist, Guitarist, Improviser, Composer

Amy Melissa Reed is an artist and co-creator of Ma Series Arts. They compose experimental scores for improvisers, dancers, and poets. They work to build creative communities across communities including traditional ecological knowledge keepers, improvisers, authors, dancers, poets, teatro, songmakers, builders, journalists, ranchers, social workers, dream… Rooted in the west coast improvised music scene they create work that remembers our migrations and ways of knowledge exchange. They activate inquiries to expand our relationship to listening and the art of improvisation. They compose for and organize MA Ensemble.

Recent work includes: Published writings and paintings in Spellbreaking2: listening to the dreaming heart Anthology of women writers edited by Ione and published by Deep Listening publications and Ministry of Maåt

Earth Tune: New Compositions for MA Ensemble

Hydrophone listening: Water/Prayer/Song a series of video, writing, listening and sound happenings.

Quark Matters: Biggi Vinkeloe (flutes, saxophone), Thea Fahardian (electro-acoustic violin), Donald Robinson (percussion, Tim Perkis (electronics) Amy Melissa Reed (Electric Guitar, hydrophone, found objects)

“The Gallery” a composition for ensemble and live rotating gallery of paintings by Amy Melissa Reed.