Reading Resources

While the main focus of my site is art, I am posting links to reading resources and activities that I have found helpful here, in case they might be useful to other parents who want to make sure their children get a good start in reading during the pandemic. I have been teaching my child at home using the lists in Why Johnny Can't Read and What You Can Do About It by Rudolf Flesch as a guide for the sequence of phonics patterns to teach.

I don't have my kid read the lists directly from the book; that would be very boring and there are a few words in the book that are racist or dated and need to be left out, since it was written in the 1950's. Instead I turn the lists into games and activities that are more interesting. Most sight-word activities that can be found on Pinterest or Teachers Pay Teachers can be adapted to be used with the lists from Why Johnny Can't Read. I've printed many of them on cardstock in different colors to make tic-tac-toe pieces, typed the lists into the game generators at and my child has invented some of his own reading card games. Here are some activities I've found online that have also been useful:

Games and Activities

Game Generators has game generators that allow you to type in any list of words and turn it into bingo, tic-tac-toe, etc. I'm not using them for memorizing sight words, I type in the word lists from Why Johnny Can't Read instead.

Letter Identification and Letter Sounds

Boo Beginning Sounds Game. This one really helped prepare for reading CVC words. It gave tons of practice reading letter sounds in a short amount of time:

CVC Words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant Words)

This site had free matching puzzles for all the short vowel sounds:

Final Blends

Initial Blends

Long Vowel Sounds

ee/ea game:

Decodable Books

Half-Pint Books and Fly-leaf publishing have made their books free to read online during the pandemic. We read a Half-pint book every day.

Information about Early Literacy

Emily Hanford's documentaries about issues in early reading instruction, At a Loss for Words is a good one to start with. :

Website of Mark Seideberg, author of Language at the Speed of Sight: How We Read, Why So Many Can't, and What Can Be Done About It:

Parker Phonics - has a blog and free books for parents who want to teach their children to read

Reading Rockets

Breaking the Code - Resources