April M. Sánchez

Screenwriter :: Filmmaker :: Storyteller

About April M. Sánchez

April M. Sánchez was born and raised in El Paso, TX. Growing up in a bicultural city has inspired her stories which reflect the beauty, wonder and traditional elements of the border town Latin American culture.

April holds a bachelor's degree in Screenwriting and a Latino Media Studies certification from the University of Texas at Austin. Her scripts have made their way to the finalist round in screenplay competitions such as the Sundance Screenwriters AND Episodic Labs, and as a Semi-Finalist in The Academy Nicholl Fellowship and the Universal Writers Lab, amongst others. She has participated in the NALIP Screenwriting Lab, the Stowe Story Labs and the Athena Film Festival LA TV & Screenwriting Lab. Most recently she has participated in the 2021 NHMC TV Series Screenwriting Program.

April’s irrepressible wanderlust compels her to travel around the world, from India to Europe to Central America and beyond. She loves to explore the cultures and spiritual beliefs of the countries she visits. Especially fond of road trips, April will eagerly take an open road in any direction with friends or on a solo adventure.

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