Among Us Hacks

Among Us Mod Menu and Hacks

Download the latest hacks and cheats for Among Us For Free. With a new year come new hacks and we are happy to share them with you! Among has been one of the most downloaded games of the past year and we know that it's probably gonna continue on a upward trend of popularity. Last year we released a Mod Menu Apk hack that worked flawlessly until the game devs were able to fix the exploit and we had to go back to the drawing board to be able to make it work again. After a few months of brainstorming we are now able to release it to the public for your enjoyment!

Always play as the Impostor hack!

Always wondered how your friend is always playing has a the impostor? He is probably using one of the famous Among Us Impostor hacks that you always thought were fake but we provide you with a real tool that enables the user to choose if he wants to play as the Impostor. This hack is very easy to use and is totally undetectable. Among Us has been the game of the moment for gamers of all ages, and many things differentiate this game from others.

The game has simple graphics, but a very good gameplay and premise, which is amusing thousands of players around the world. The foundation of Among Us is similar to that of popular pranks. There are up to three impostors inside the crew of a ship, who must perform various tasks to win the round. Impostors, in addition to being able to sabotage oxygen and lighting, must kill the crew members undiscovered.

Survivors can call emergency meetings to vote for a possible person responsible and throw him off the ship. With the great demand for the game, it was expected that soon some "hacks" would appear for Among Us.

Unlock Premium Features like hats,pets and skins!

Now you can unlock all the premium features like pets, hats and skins with a single click! It works for Android, Ios and the PC versions of the game. One of these "hacks" is a mod that works for both Android and iOS. The hack allows the player to always be the impostor, not need to wait to kill, pass through the walls, have very high speed, as well as other cheats.

To avoid being banned from the game, it is recommended that you do not use the hack, in addition cheating can bring viruses to your mobile device or your computer.