If your goal is to meet attractive Latin singles, then there’s no place else like AmoLatina.com. Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Read this guide, and by the end of it, hopefully, you can decide for yourself if AmoLatina.com is, indeed, the dating site that’s right for you!

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AmoLatina.com - Meet Latin Singles from All Over the World

AmoLatina is considered to be an international dating site. The majority of its members come from Latin America:

    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Peru
    • Venezuela
    • Ecuador
    • and many others

It also has members from other places like the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and even Japan. It has a global reach, allowing potential members from different parts of the world to join in.

The Story behind AmoLatina.com

Believe it or not, AmoLatina has been operating for more than 20 years! It started back in 1993 when a Russian-American couple decided to start a dating service because their own happy ending inspired them. Wanting to cater to specific needs, they created AmoLatina, which translates to “I Love Latina.”

Active Members & Relationship Types

As mentioned, the majority of the members on AmoLatina.com are Latinas and Latinos, but aside from them, there are also lots of members from other countries as well. That’s great news if you are looking for new connections as you don’t have to worry about inactive profiles!

As for the types of relationships that members look for, it’s a mix of short-term and long-term. Mostly, however, members are looking for serious long-term relationships. It’s possible, of course, to meet people who are looking for casual hook-ups, friendship, or companionship as well.

Quality of Members

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date a colombian woman with amolatina
date a mexican woman with amolatina

Most likely, you’re going to wonder why there are so many good-looking men and women on the portal. That’s because the site carefully selects Latin singles who are looking for foreign partners. The management encourages active users who are serious about finding love online to upload high quality or even professionally taken photos by offering free membership.

Candidates’ profiles are carefully scanned to see if they fit the criteria. As soon as the Customer Service Team sees that everything is in order, the profile of the willing candidate goes live on the website.

Main Features

So, now, what features can potential members look forward to?

One of the many great things about AmoLatina is that they have plenty of tools that help singles connect:

The most popular tool on the site is “Video Chat,” which permits members to communicate in real-time with video. The next most popular one would be “Online Chat,” which is similar to video chatting but works without either party seeing the other side on video.

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There are the usual features like email correspondence, sending photos or videos, and communicating via stickers and smiles.

But, the most distinctive feature that AmoLatina is proud of would be “Send a Present.” This service allows you to choose gifts for your special someone. You can do this through the website and have the present sent to his or her doorstep. It’s a great tool to have for special occasions!

A few other noteworthy features that you should check out are “Let’s Mingle” and “Boost.”

“Let’s Mingle” is unique as it allows you to send a default message or ice-breaker to a group of potential matches in one go. For example, if you’re looking to meet women between the ages of 28-35, you can set that filter in the settings and compose your default message. AmoLatina is then going to send that message to every female member between the ages that you picked.

“Boost,” on the other hand, is a new feature that will increase the visibility of your profile, making it easier for you to catch the attention of potential matches.

Signing Up

The process of signing up to the website is simple. It was designed to allow those who are interested in gaining access quickly. All they have to do is visit the homepage, then enter the necessary details like their name and email address. Once inside, the user can take a look around, see who is online, and even send messages.

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The user’s dating profile can be completed anytime. That is good because there are websites that do not allow new users access to certain features unless they finish their profile 100%. With AmoLatina, it is different, and you get to see if you like the site first, navigate through it, and get a good feel.


Anyone can sign up to AmoLatina and registering is free of charge! However, when a member decides to make use of the Premium tools, he or she needs to purchase credits.

What’s good is that the website has different packages that can fit any budget. For example, new members can purchase a Welcome Package for $9.99, which includes 20 credits, 10 FREE chats, 10 FREE emails, and FREE introductory messages.

Other credit costs are as follows:

    • 1000 - $399.00 or .40 each
    • 500 - $249.00 or .50 each
    • 320 - $185.00 or .58 each
    • 160 - $96.00 or .60 each
    • 80 - $56.00 or .70 each
    • 40 - $30.00 or .75 each
    • 20 - $15.99 or .80 each

Security and Safety

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Although most of the profiles you see on AmoLatina have been approved, there will be some that will slip through the cracks. That is where the Safety and Anti-Scam Policy come into effect.

Safety is one of the website’s top priorities! Any member that has misrepresented him or herself, or has proclaimed misleading information, will be banned from the site. The credits spent corresponding with this person will be reimbursed after the investigation is complete.

Aside from the strict Anti-Scam policy, which is enforced by AmoLatina’s Customer Care Team, a safety team works behind the curtains, closely monitoring the website for suspicious activity.

AmoLatina recommends that members report any activity that seems suspicious as soon as possible so that a further investigation can take place, and scams prevented.


AmoLatina is a dating app worth checking out. It has all of the necessary as well as Premium features that will make your online dating experience more exciting. Whether you think that this site is right for you is your choice, but we highly recommend that you give AmoLatina a try today!