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this dating site is the biggest scam i have seen on the internet.i signed up for a membership and i paid for 400 dollars worth of credits and once i started chatting with these girls i soon realized a pattern.all the girls tell you that you are the one and that the are always thinking of you.they will tell you what you want to hear to keep you chatting all the time while your credits are running down.after 3 weeks the 400 dollars worth of credits were gone and if i wanted to keep chatting i had to put another 400 dollars worth of credits.the worse thing about it is you cant give out personal information so the only way to chat is through this very expensive site.they say you can call the girl at great cost i might add and then exchange information over the phone but every time i did that the girl would come up with an excuse of why she cant give out her phone number.i realized that you are not talking to the girl at all but just an employee of the site trying to empty out your bank account. Don't believe any of these fake 5 star reviews they are all written by amolatina employees aimed at drowning out the negative only have to read those fake reviews to realize that they are fake.stay away from amolatina

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