Amish Quilts for Sale

How to Measure Quality of Amish Quilt

The description "handcrafted" doesn't mean an Amish quilt is a high quality. Regrettably, many Amish quilts for sale on the marketplace now are average. And buyer beware: some "Amish quilts" aren't even made by the Amish, but are counterfeited in China and other Asian states.

You must bear in mind that you can't tell whether a quilt is created through an Amish man only be looking at it, however, you can tell if it's of premium quality. The simplest way to make sure that you're purchasing an authentic Amish quilt will be to purchase directly from a reputable Amish store or farm in areas like Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where the Amish have settled, or through a reputable on-line provider. Below are some surefire methods to recognize a top quality quilt.


Designing a top quality quilt isn't a simple undertaking. There are various alternatives, like designs, materials, and percentages, and each one must be made with consideration for the other. Most quilters are in fact better at stitching than they're at a layout. Look to see how nicely the cloths function in combination. Stand about ten yards away from the quilt and see whether it seems consistent in color scheme, measurements, and pattern. From this vantage point, you'll have the capacity to detect if something doesn't look right.


If you're valuing a conventional patchwork quilt, look to see how nicely the piecing is aligned. Ensure the corners of the blocks touch each other and aren't off by more than a 1/8 of an inch. When misalignments happen, quilts can get puckers and wrinkles. Search for bulky regions from sloppy seam allowances.

Quilting Density:

The more quilting there's in a quilt, the better. The aim of the quilting stitches would be to hold the quilt sandwich together the two outer layers along with the mid batting. On average, in each square foot of a great quilt, there should be at least 90 linear inches of quilt stitching. Where one quilting pattern stops and other starts, the designer occasionally leaves little places with no quilt stitching. Look to see whether there are differences in the quilting bigger when compared to a fist.

Quilting Stitches:

The quilting stitches in a top quality quilt will probably be the same size and equally spaced. Look for about 6-8 stitches per inch. A top quality queen size quilt will have over 50,000 stitches. Irregular stitching is the mark of an inexperienced or sloppy quilter. The standard of the stitching is generally best seen on the rear of the quilt.


This really is the border of the quilt and the very first area where a quilt will wear out. The binding should be tidy and straight with all the corners neatly stitched together. Beware of quilts that have bent borders. This signifies the percentages of the quilt aren't even.