Post-Doctoral fellow

Laboratory for Active and Attentive Vision, York University , Toronto / Vector Institute

email: amir (some-kind-of-pastry) eecs dot yorku dot ca



  • April 29 : Invited talk at Princeton's PIXL Lunch
  • March: Follow up work for "Totally Looks Like"



  • July : Winners of Visual Decathlon Challenge at CVPR 2017 Pascal In Detail workshop. Talk slides , using our recent method



High-Level Perceptual Similarity is Enabled by Learning Diverse Tasks, Amir Rosenfeld, Richard Zemel, John K. Tsotsos (arXiv)

The Elephant in the Room, Amir Rosenfeld, Richard Zemel, John K. Tsotsos (arXiv)

try it yourself, download images used in the paper (be sure to view the readme file)

Youtube demo:

Totally Looks Like - How Humans Compare, Compared to Machines, Amir Rosenfeld, Markus D. Solbach, John K. Tsotsos (ACCV 2018; project homepage);

also appeared at Vision Sciences Society, May 18-23, St. Pete Beach, Florida) poster

Priming Neural Networks Amir Rosenfeld, Mahdi Biparva & John K. Tsotsos (CVPRW 2018, Oral @ MBCC Workshop)

Challenging Images For Minds and Machines , Amir Rosenfeld, John K. Tsotsos (arXiv)

Bridging Cognitive Programs and Machine Learning, Amir Rosenfeld, John K. Tsotsos, arXiv)


Incremental Learning Through Deep Adaptation, Amir Rosenfeld, John K. Tsotsos (to appear, TPAMI)



Face-space Action Recognition by Face-Object Interactions Amir Rosenfeld, Shimon Ullman. arXiv


Extracting Foreground Masks towards Object Recognition Amir Rosenfeld, Daphna Weinshall. ICCV 2011.

29/10/2012 - a much improved version 2.0 now is available here (~350Kb)

Results on PASCAL2011 trainval set for download here (matlab format,~5Mb)

Invited Talks

  • April 29, 2019: Talk at PIXL lunch, Princeton CS
  • April 2nd, 2018: Talk at Vision Seminar at CSAIL
  • March 18, 2018: Talk at Weizmann Institute / Faculty of Math & CS
  • Visual Decathlon Challenge@CVPR 2017 Pascal In Detail workshop Talk slides
  • BGU Vision Seminar / 2016, Nov 16
  • HUJI Vision Seminar / 2016, June 19

Professional Service:

  • Reviewer for:
    • CVPR 2017-2019
    • ICCV 2017,2019
    • TPAMI 2017,2018
    • ECCV 2018
    • WACV 2019,2020
    • BMVC 2018, 2019
    • Physics and Engineering Panel for PSC CUNY 2018,Neural Processing Letters, 2018