Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre, JABALPUR

The Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Market Intelligence Centre, Jabalpur had started in June 2019 under dynamic leadership of Dr. P. Awasthi and active support of Professor Gourav Kumar Vani and funded by Madhya Pradesh Rajya Krishi Vipanan Board (MP Mandi Board), Bhopal. Currently this project is being run successfully under leadership of Professor Gourav Kumar Vani and with active support of Ms. Arandhana Singh Rajpoot. This project was started with following objectives

1.To conduct regional case studies on price movements, farmers marketing problems decision-making and discuss them with experts / stakeholders.

2. To provide short term price forecasts well in advance to farmers for selected agricultural commodities for effective decision-making, thus helping the farmers in taking better sowing and selling decisions.

3.To disseminate market intelligence through different mass media to reach the maximum number of farmers.

4.To assess impact of forecasted prices on production & profitability of selected agricultural commodities.

5. To develop commodity market outlook for selected commodities.

The aim of this Market Intelligence Center is to provide reliable & timely price forecasts to farmers for major agricultural commodities in order to enable them to make informed production & marketing decisions which in turn could lead to higher profitability. The centre generates price forecast for following commodities and markets at two points of time in year: pre-sowing and pre-harvest for both kharif and rabi season.

Address: Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture, Jabalpur, JNKVV, Jabalpur-482004