About Us

American Teachers offers high-quality educational services through in person learning pods for cohorts of up to 6 students and online learning.

Our services are designed by licensed and certified American Teachers who have graduated from the world's top universities and have experience teaching in American public and private schools.

American Teachers Platform is designed for parents who need a solution to child care and distance learning issues through dedicated teachers who offer high quality curriculums and supplements in a safe and positive learning environment. We emphasize the power of teaching through creativity, collaboration, and curiosity, striving for excellence in whatever endeavors students are taking on. Subjects taught include English language, Math, Science, History, Physical Education, Social Studies, Art, and Music.

The personalized curriculums and platform are built in accordance with California Education Standards.

In-person Cohorts are limited to 6 students, or 12 students online per teacher.

**UPDATE (August 5, 2020)**

  • Due to high demand, in-person tuition will increase to after Tuesday Aug. 10

  • Online tuition will increase after Tuesday Aug. 10

As of August 5, 2020 there are currently: 2 teacher(s) available.