The crisp winter air has never been more exhilarating!

The American Soccer League (ASL) ignites a sizzling passion for the beautiful game that is usually reserved for warmer months.

This groundbreaking league, which runs from November through March, is capturing hearts nationwide with its unique blend of excitement, diversity, and promising talent.

The ASL is changing the way we think about soccer, presenting enthusiasts with a thrilling alternative to traditional winter pastimes.

What sets the ASL apart isn't just the unconventional timing, but rather the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to building a truly inclusive community. 

Aspiring teams are required to submit a wide array of documents, fostering a strong sense of identity and authenticity within each franchise.

It is a league requirement that all venues be covered for games to take place during winter months.

As the league expands and new teams enroll, we will update our website to include divisional breakdowns, a schedule, team names, and the locations where matches will be played.

The American Soccer League is eager to share with you the beautiful game of soccer soon!