Q: What aspects of Filipino martial arts does Tirada Tirsia cover?

A: We cover both armed and unarmed aspects that are pertinent and practical to modern day use. Weapon arts emphasize use of the blade over straight impact techniques. Unarmed combat training covers striking, kicking, grappling, and takedowns. Unarmed vs Armed scenarios are also covered and include disarms.

Q: What is a typical class like?

A: Classes begin with a brief, well-rounded warm up that also incorporates movements grounded in basic techniques. Instruction may include group practice, smaller group drilling, or individual instruction. Private classes are also available upon request, please contact us by email for more details.

Q: What is the philosophy behind Tirada Tirsia?

A: Tirada Tirsia is a practical art that focuses on combat effectiveness in a modern environment. Awareness of self and environment, solid footwork, and mastery of angles of attack are the keys to effectiveness in martial arts in both armed and unarmed combat. Over time the student will become accustomed to using both weapons and empty-hand techniques interchangeably while incorporating flanking and evasive movements.