AmericanExpress/ConfirmCard | Confirm your AmericanExpress credit card

Have you also received an American Express card and looking for a way to confirm it? So keep going through this article as we are going to discuss all possible ways to confirm an American Express card. But before moving on to steps make sure to collect some necessary information that you require while confirming your

As we all know that American Express offers a series of cards suitable for different lifestyles. Thus American Express has a market reputation for offering top-class customer service and perks across the board. All of its cards offer a distinguished set of benefits and perks. We understand your eagerness to activate the credit card once after receiving it. So with no further delay let’s move on to the steps for activation of your American Express Card. "covid-19"

Methods to Activate AmericanExpress/ConfirmCard

There are two simple methods by following one of them you can easily activate your Let’s go through with them one by one.

Note: Before moving on to the method make sure you have the following details:

  • A laptop or PC or a mobile phone with internet connectivity

  • Number of your received card (A 15 digit card number)

  • 4 digit security code which must be present on the back of your card.

Method 1: Activation of American Express Card through online

You can easily activate your using your laptop and internet. Just follow the steps given below:

Note: Make sure that you have completed a registration on the official website of American Express because you will need an account to complete the activation process. If you have not created an account with American Express and you are looking to activate your card online then create an account first.

  1. Open a web browser, using your mobile/computer

  2. Search for

  3. Select the official website of “American Express/ConfirmCard”

  4. Now you will be redirected to a page where you can activate your American Express Card

  5. Now, enter the 15 digit card number which is present on the front of your card

  6. After that, you will need to enter the security code which is available on the back of your card.

  7. Once you will finish entering these details, click on the “Continue” button

  8. After completing the above steps you will be taken to a new page, where you will need to login into your American Express Card account

  9. Now, fill in all the details along with your username and passwords

  10. Try to give correct answers to security questions on the page

  11. Once you will finish login, your card will be confirmed

  12. Now you can start using your American Express Card

Method 2: Activation of over Phone

You can also confirm your American Express Card using a toll-free number that is present on the back of your card. Let’s see the whole activation process through steps.

  1. Dial toll-free telephone number which is printed on the back of your card

  2. Using your mobile dial it

  3. Now listen to the option that is given by IVR, then you will be given an option to talk with their Customer service representative agent

  4. We want to tell you that in some situations your call will keep in waiting, because of the large number of calls, so don’t be panic about it

  5. Wait for few minutes, once you will get a chance to talk with the agent then tell them your requirement

  6. They will ask you to confirm your details such as Card number and some personal details so kindly give all the information asked by them

  7. Once you will complete providing all the required information your will be activated "covid-19"


Hence, we have discussed two methods to activate your, and also we have illustrated all the steps required to complete the process. So we hope that this article must be helpful to you and your card will be activated after going through the methods. If further, you have any issues related to this topic, don’t hesitate to visit the official website. Activate your American Express Card by just visiting card or you can try calling the toll-free number provided by American Express, Americanexpress/confirmcard,, American Express credit card.