American express gift card balance

How to Use an American Express Gift Card

It is possible that you receive the American Express gift card from someone you know to mark a special occasion, or from an empathetic boss to reward an excellent job. The gift card is loaded with a set amount of $100 or $50 and is often utilized as a gift with monetary value. It's more secure than cash because it's replacement-able in case of loss. It's also more economical, as there aren't any fees for the person who uses it. While the American Express gift card looks exactly like a credit card or debit card but there are a few things to consider when using it. American express gift card balance

How do you check American Express gift card balance

Method 1: Check the American Express gift card balance on the American Express website

  1. Check out on the American Express gift card website.

  2. Input the necessary information like your PIN code or email address, gift card number and expiration date.

  3. The Submit button will be displayed. Click it to see the balance of your AMEX credit card balance.

Method 2. Check AMEX Gift card balance on the phone

  1. To verify the balance of the balance of your AMEX gift card by phone, dial your AMEX Customer Service number located on the reverse of your gift card to call them.

  2. If you're unable to understand the number, or if nobody answers, contact AMEX Gift Card Support via 1-888-86-4308.

  3. To call your preferred extension and speak to the customer support representative simply follow the instructions for speaking.

  4. Ask them to verify the balance of your AMEX gift card.

  5. Give details, like your name, your PIN code and the number of your gift card

  6. They will inform you the amount of is your AMEX credit card balance

How to use an American Express Gift Card

Although you aren't required to make an account with your American Express gift cards, should you utilize the card for online purchases, you'll need to provide the exact details as you would for an online purchase using your debit card or different credit or debit card.

The details that are typically included will comprise:

Your Name

Your Billing Address

Your Shipping Address

Four-Digit Security code (located at the top of American Express gift cards)

Card Expiration Date

Although the money on the prepaid gift card will not expire, the actual gift card itself may expire. If you're American Express prepaid card has expired, call the customer service contact number listed on the card. Amex Bank can transfer the balance remaining to a newly issued American Express prepaid card.

How do you check the balance of your American Express prepaid card balance

Visit American express gift card balance and enter your card number and security code (4 digits on the front of your card) or call 1-888-846-4308 and speak with an Amex Customer Service agent.

Can I utilize my American Express gift card at Amazon?

You can pay with any Amex and American Express gift card as payment on Amazon. Be aware that Amazon does not permit'split tender' transactions when you use gift cards. The gift card should have enough funds to cover the whole purchase. Also, your first purchase, Amazon might issue the gift card with a temporary authorization of $1 for the card. To make it easier to using an Amex gift card purchase the Amazon gift card.

Do I need a pin number to use the American Express gift card?

A Prepaid American Express gift card does not have PIN numbers. If a PIN is needed to make a transaction, contact 1-888-846-4308 to get assistance. Also, you can go to this page. American Express gift card page.

What are the American Express gift card restrictions?

American Express gift cards may not be accepted in gas station. Deposits and reservations cannot be made using the gift card that is prepaid, such as airline tickets, cruise lines and car rentals as well as hotel stay. There are no reloads. It is not possible to reload your American Express gift card.