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Why Choose American Airlines

The first question that rises in the mind of the traveler is why they should choose American Airlines to travel across the country or the nations. The answer to this question is that American Airlines provides one of the beautiful destinations which does not cost much to the traveler. One of the key factors for selecting the American Airlines is that users can get limited offers and discounts on the tickets they book. Apart from discounts and offers, one of the things which distinguishes American Airlines from other airlines is that they do not compensate on the customer satisfaction and they provide lots of luxuries to their customers.

And if the customer is planning to make American Airlines Reservation, they can follow the steps which are given below:

1. The first step includes the opening of the Official website of American airlines.

2. Now the person needs to click on the Find Flights Tab.

3. Now the user needs to select their trip from the choice given like there is round trip, one way trip or multi-city trip.

4. In this step the user needs to fill the details of their origin airport.

5. Choose the destination where the traveler wants to go.

6. Select the number of people travelling , this includes adults, children, toddler and if the traveler wants to take their pets, they need to mention them as well.

7. Enter the journey date along with the day of the destination.

8. Once the user does this a list will open up and the user needs to select their journey class and they need to select which matches their time.

9. In this step the user needs to enter all of the details like their first name, last name, age. House address, gender, date of birth along with their email id.

10. Once the user enters the details, they need to recheck the information they have filled before clicking on the Continue button.

11. After clicking on the continue button the user needs to select their mode of payment in order to book the ticket.

12. Once the payment is done the user will receive an authorization mail which will include all of the ticket related details. Users need to make sure that they do not lose the email at the time of travelling.

Step of Cancelling the Ticket in American Airlines

  1. The first includes the passenger to open the official website of American airlines with the help of their web-browser. And the passenger needs to enter, and click on the enter key.

  2. On the main page of the website passengers will have to select and click the option of My Trips.

  3. The next step requires the passenger to enter the details which are being asked on the next page of the website.

  4. Now the user will have to provide all the necessary details in the column of Passenger’s first name. The passenger will also need to provide their last name as well.

  5. In the required space the passenger will have to provide their booking code and after that the passenger needs to select the option of Find Reservation.

  6. Users have to keep this thing in their mind that the information they had provided for cancellation matches with the same details they have provided at the time of making the reservation of their ticket.

The above steps are sufficient for the passenger to cancel their ticket with American airlines. The American airlines have a very strict approach regarding the refund and they have varied wide guidelines related to the rules, and guidelines. And if the user still feels like they are not able to cancel their ticket or they have some question in their mind then they can contact the Customer support of American airlines.

Refund Policy of American Airlines

After booking the ticket the passenger can apply for refund immediately, which falls under the American Airlines Refund Policy. Buy following the steps given below travelers can initiate their refund.

  1. In the first step the passenger needs to click on the official link of American airlines website.

  2. Now the passenger needs to scroll down onto the website and they will see an option of Receipt and Refund they need to select and click on it.

  3. User needs to move onto the next page and there they need to select the option of Refund.

  4. Once the user selects the refund option now, they need to provide the ticket reference number and last name of the passenger travelling. Once the passenger provides this, they need to click on the Submit button.

If the passenger is facing any kind of difficulty in their refund request, then they can call the Customer support of American Airlines.

Instruction on getting a refund on a non-refundable ticket.

Non-refundable tickets will be refunded in some specific conditions

If there is timetable change in the 61 minutes then the refund will be processed in the first type of payment.

The demise of the traveler or the traveling partner the refund will be credited as mode of payment.

Order of Military officials or change in their duty- then the refund will be credited as the original mode of payment.

One day Refund policy- the refund will be credited as the original form of payment.