Advanced Materials Design and Processing Group

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur

Welcome to Advanced Materials Design and Processing group of Dr. Saurabh S. Nene at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IIT Jodhpur. Our group mainly works in the broader domains of Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy with a focus on structure-property correlations in new and conventional metallic alloys systems. Among the conventional metallic alloy systems, the group exhibit expertise in designing and processing of ultralight Mg based alloys for automotive, aerospace and biomedical applications.

Larger section of the group is mainly focused on another evolving yet demanding area in metallurgy at present which is designing and processing of microstructurally flexible high entropy alloys (HEAs) which have multi-functionality. This work mainly involves both modelling and experimentation tasks. Modelling includes, thermodynamic predictions for phase stability, effect of minor change in constituent elements in a HEA system on enthalpy and entropy of mixing and so on whereas experimentation involves fabrication and thermo-mechanical processing of these newly designed HEAs. A detail investigation of microstructural evolution and resultant properties is made using advanced characterization techniques such electron channeling contrast imaging (ECCI), electron back scattered diffraction (EBSD) and room temperature mechanical testing facilities.

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Prof. Saurabh Nene

Listed among top 2% scientist list released by "Elsevier" based on Stanford University Database for the year 2022-23.

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