The 1st Workshop on Ambient AI
Multimodal Wearable Sensor Understanding

The First Workshop on Ambient AI will be hosted at ICASSP 2023, which will take place in the Greek island of Rhodes on June 10, 2023.

Topics of the Workshop

In this workshop, we address new machine learning and signal processing challenges around understanding ambient sensor signals from wearable devices (such as smart glasses), which are increasingly gaining popularity. 

Specifically, we invite the researchers from industry and academia to study the unique properties of motion sensor signals (e.g. IMU, EMG) with various real-world applications on new-generation devices. We are particularly interested in the approaches that combine various multimodal signals (e.g. vision, language, sensor signals), and that focus on practical real-world applicability (e.g. privacy-aware & power-efficient on-device models). 

Towards this goal, topics of interest to the workshop would include, but are not limited to: