Dr. Amber L. Griffioen

Welcome to my homepage! I am currently the Margarete von Wrangell Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Konstanz in Germany. Among other areas, I work on topics in value theory, philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, practical and social philosophy, and philosophy of sport. Here you can learn a little more about me and find links to papers, events, and media.


I will be giving several invited talks in 2019, including:

  • (Jan 2019) "The Naked Truth: Why Philosophy Should Reclaim Medieval Mysticism"; panel on New Narratives in Philosophy: Post-Kantian Philosophers and the Misrepresentation of Philosophy’s Past (Eastern Division of the APA; New York, NY, USA; Organizer: Christia Mercer)
  • (Mar 2019): "The Problem of Passivity: Love, Truth, and Self-Actualization in Neoplatonist Mysticism"; panel on Love and Truth in Religion (European Academy of Religion; Bologna, IT)
  • (June 2019) Invited Talk: "'Passions' of the Soul? Mysticism, Passivity, and Resistance" at a workshop on Mystical and Transformative Experience (Santa Barbara, CA, USA; Organizer: Sameer Yadav)

Our international workshop, "Expanding the Canon: Transitions and Transformations in Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy" (July 1-6, 2018) was a great success! Thanks to all who participated!

In June 2018, I gave a talk at Oxford University on 'Recovering Compassio: Suffering, Struggle, and Theodicy as Therapy' as part of the 2017-2018 Humane Philosophy Project/Ian Ramsey Centre seminar series on God, Good and Evil in a Scientific Age. The abstract can be found here. The talk can be viewed here.