Dr. Amber L. Griffioen

Welcome to my academic homepage! Among other areas, I work on topics in value theory, philosophy of religion and philosophical theology, practical & social philosophy, philosophy of sport, and non-canonical philosophy as it relates to the history of ideas. Here you can learn a little more about me and find links to papers, organized events, and media.


NOVEMBER 2021: My new Cambridge Elements book on Religious Experience has just been published! Get your copy here. And check out the other great titles in the Elements in Philosophy of Religion series while you're at it!

SEPTEMBER 2021: My prize-winning paper for the best paper in feminist analytic theology, "Nowhere Men and Divine I’s: Feminist Epistemology, Perfect Being Theism, and the God’s-Eye View", has been published in the Journal of Analytic Theology! It's open access: find it here.

SUMMER 2021: I am excited to announce I will be taking up a Residential Fellowship at the Center for Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame University for AY2021-22. During this time, I will be pursuing several projects in philosophy of religion and the history of philosophy and working with some really cool people!

Upcoming appearances include:

  • Invited Talk (March 2022), "From Knowledge to Understanding: Dissonance, Resonance, and Religious Epistemology", Philosophy Department, University of Michigan-Dearborn (online)