Amazon Prime Watch Party

What if we tell you that you can watch your favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video with your friends even while staying miles apart? The Amazon Prime Watch Party has made it possible for all Prime Video lovers. Prime Watch Party is a free extension that enables prime video subscribers to stream their favorite videos in perfect synchronization with their friends or family. Moreover, the extension comes with various unique features that add to the fun. Along with this, the Prime Video Watch Party extension is also easy to install and use. However, in this blog, we have provided important information about the extension to ensure that you have a hassle-free video streaming experience.

How to Host a Prime Video Watch Party

Amazon Prime Watch Party is a user-friendly extension that enables you to host a prime watch party with as many people as you want. However, for this, you need to create a watch party URL and share it with people who you want to invite to your watch party. Therefore, to create the watch party link, please follow the below steps: -

  • You can host the prime watch party in a few simple steps. Begin with installing the extension by clicking here. After installing, pin the extension to the address bar.

  • Now log in to your Amazon Prime Video account and play the video you want to watch at your party.

  • After this, click on the “PWP” button. The button is located at the top-right corner of the browser.

  • Then, click on “Start the Party.”

  • After this, the Amazon Watch Party URL will appear on the screen. Copy this URL and share it with people to invite them to the party.

How to join the Watch Party on Amazon Prime

You can join the Amazon watch party within a few clicks. For this, all you need to do is install the extension on your device and follow the below steps: -

Note: please make sure that the Amazon Prime Video Watch Party extension is only compatible with the Chromebook, macOS, or Windows device. Moreover, you can install it via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

  • To join the party, first, you need a Prime Party URL. Therefore, ask your friend who is hosting the party to share the watch party link with you.

  • Also, ensure that you have the Prime video subscription and you have logged in to your account.

  • Now, click on the Prime Video Watch Party link. It will redirect you to the Prime Video Watch Party if you have installed the extension. However, if you haven’t installed the Amazon Prime Video extension, you will have to install it first.


In this blog, we have mentioned the step-by-step process to create or host the Prime Party hassle-free with the free Amazon Prime Watch Party extension. In addition to that, here, we have provided the step-by-step process to create or host a watch party using the extension. Along with this, we have also discussed how you can join the party and have fun.