How to register your device at

Nowadays instead of storing songs for downloading songs from the web and store them on a CD player is very out rated. Because many musical applications allow other users to stream music whenever they want to without downloading them. One of the amazing music app for music streaming app is amazon prime music. Amazon prime music has more than 50 million song playlists albums and also so many radio stations. If you are a prime member then you don't need to get an additional subscription to stream amazon prime music. If you are not a prime member then you can subscribe to amazon prime music for $7.99 for one month. Also, amazon prime music gives leverage for their users to trim their music on any device. To access prime music on a device apart from a mobile app or web browser the user's need to register their device at This portal will make sure that the device on which you want to access amazon prime music can use your subscription to play all the music.

The process to register your device at

  1. If if you want to use an amazon prime music subscription then you need to download the amazon prime video application from the application store of the device. If the application is already installed then simply launch it.

  2. After that, you need to log in with your Amazon username and password. If you don't have an account on Amazon or amazon prime music then create an account first before proceeding to the steps.

  3. Now an activation code will display on the screen to use for registration of your device at prime music.

  4. After getting the activation code you need to go to a web browser and surf

  5. Login with an amazon account credential if and you will reach the activation page of amazon prime music.

  6. Add this page to find the space to enter the activation code and hair after entering the activation code click on the OK button.

  7. Now the activation process is complete and you can stream your favorite music on your device without any restrictions.

Is amazon prime music worth it?

If we see the amazon prime music subscription amount which is quite genuine then we can say that amazon prime music is what that. You can compare it with other platforms and you will find that the subscription amount of amazon prime music is low and the music library is large. Also if you are subscribed to prime music then there will be no ads while listening to music but this feature is not available at this caused on other platforms. One other issue that is not available with amazon prime music is that you can trim music on more than one device simultaneously. There is no need to upgrade your subscription because all the amazon prime members can connect up to four devices with one prime music account. So without wasting any time or giving doubt to amazon prime music just try it once. You will never experience this kind of musical journey anywhere else.