How to activate Prime Music on Xfinity X1 and Flex?

Amazon prime music is now available on flex and Xfinity x1 consoles. The amazon prime music app on x1 and flex a lot the uses to stream their favorite music and unlimited prime user content. The users can also purchase digital music through amazon directly on their streaming device or x1. Along with this, the prime music app includes no additional cost with a subscription to prime membership.

This means if you are an amazon prime member then there is no need to subscribe to a separate service to access amazon prime music. Also, it is very important to register your x1 or flex on amazon prime video account so that you can stream your favorite music without any trouble. The registration on the activation process needs an activation code of your device that you need to find and enter the activation page. So let us know the process of activation of amazon prime music on x1 and flex.

Steps to access amazon prime music on Xfinity x1

The easiest way how to access amazon prime music on Xfinity x1 is listed below:

Step 1: First of all used the voice remote control of Xfinity x1 and say amazon prime music.

Step 2: It will launch the prime music app if it is already installed on your device. If the app is not pre-installed then it will ask you to install the application from the application store.

Step 3: After installation of the amazon prime music on your Xfinity launch the application. You can locate the application by selecting the apps option on your device.

Step 4: On the welcome page of the amazon prime music application you will be asked to log in with your Amazon account details.

Step 5: After login, you will see an activation code on the screen. This activation code is the key to linking the device with your amazon prime music account.

Step 6: After that from a web browser on your mobile device for pc go to amazon.com/code.

Step 7: Again you will be asked to enter the username and password of your amazon prime music.

Step 8: Once you login you will reach the activation page of amazon prime music. Enter the activation code of your x1 device and click on the continue button. A message will appear with the verification of the activation process. Now your x1 is all set to stream amazon prime music and entertain you.

If you want to activate amazon prime music on your flex device then you can proceed with the same steps listed above. After activation, you can browse top tracks, albums, playlists, and more on your device without paying any additional cost.

Amazon prime music parental control settings on x1

  • When you activate amazon prime video on a device that is accessible for everyone then you should enable the parental settings on the device so that kids cannot access the things they don't have to. For this receipt with the following steps:

  • Access to the amazon prime video app can be locked with the help of an application lock feature.

  • For this go to x1 settings and then select the parental control option from there. Under this, you will see tv rating locks option click on that. It will allow you to enter the parental control pin for the amazon prime music application.

  • For this from the list of applications appear their select amazon prime music and set a pin for the app. Now people who know the pin can access the amazon prime music app on your x1 device.