Amazon Prime Video UK is an entertainment platform offered by Amazon that includes shows, episodes, movie originals, documentaries, and more. You can subscribe to Amazon prime to enjoy the video content available on Amazon prime video in UK. Most of the time people get confused that if they have Prime membership then still they need to subscribe to Prime video separately. But this is just a myth all Prime Members are eligible to access Prime Video on any device without purchasing any subscription separately. Also with one Amazon Prime video account, you can connect at least 4 devices. In this post, we will discuss how you can connect your device to watch Amazon Prime video in UK.

Step by step instruction to watch Amazon Prime video on your device

1.        Select the device for streaming Amazon Prime video.

2.        Check and verify if the device is eligible or compatible with Amazon Prime Video.

3.        Switch on the device and connect it with the internet connection

4.        Now navigate to the “Application Store” of the device and search for the Amazon Prime video application.

5.        Download and install the Amazon Prime video streaming app

6.        Then launch the application on your device and login to your Amazon Prime video account if necessary

7.        After login an activation code will display on the screen

8.        Make a note or click a picture of the activation code to keep it safe.

9.        Open the web browser of your computer/laptop/mobile and go to the official link of Amazon Prime video i.e.

10. You will reach the login page of the Amazon Prime Video

11. Enter the login credentials to move ahead.

12. Now you will reach the activation page. Here enter the activation code of your device’s Amazon Prime video application.

13. Select the TV provider and then click on the continue button.

14. After that go to your device and refresh the Amazon Prime video streaming app. You will see all the content will be unlocked and you can stream your favorite episodes anytime.

Keep in mind that these steps will work for all the Amazon Prime Video compatible devices. These steps will make sure that you can use your Prime membership with your Amazon prime video account without any errors. You are advised to follow the steps in the same order they are mentioned to avoid any complications during activation. So, activate your device and enjoy the prime video anytime anywhere.