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Amazon Prime Via Now Available

The Amazon Prime platform is one of the top Amazon products at the moment. Interestingly, more people are looking into Amazon’s video platform for diverse, accessible, and affordable entertainment. There are thousands of original videos accessible on all modern digital streaming platforms and devices, including Chrome cast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, among others. But the challenge has always been about making it work. 

In this guide, we will be discussing how you can join the Amazon Prime platform via 

Not all devices can use Amazon Prime via

Even though it is popular, not every TV or streaming device is compatible with Amazon Prime. If yours is an internet-enabled smart TV, then you have a good chance of making the cut. This is because you need to log on to your TV’s app store to download the Amazon Prime app, after which you head to for the activation process. 

Listed below are some of the devices that support Amazon Prime via

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Xbox consoles – Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • Apple TV

  • Android TV

  • Smart TV from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Vizo, Sony, and other top manufacturers

  • Roku devices

  • Google Chromecast

  • Nvidia Shield, 

  • BT TV set-top box, 

  • Virgin Media TiVO

If your TV or streaming device is not listed above, you can check with your manufacturer to see if you can use the Amazon Prime app on them. If you can find yours up there, proceed to the next stage – setting up the Amazon Prime app on your device. 

Setting up the Amazon Prime on your streaming device or TV.

It is quite easy to get the Amazon Prime platform running on your device. The basic requirements include a unique verification code, available at, a stable internet connection, both on your TV and an external device, as well as a valid Amazon account. 

Perhaps, you are wondering where and how each of these requirements fits into the bigger picture? Check out the activation steps below: 

  1. Open the app store on your Smart TV or streaming device. You may want to check the user guide if you are doing this for the first time. 

  2. Check the list for the ‘Amazon Prime’ app. 

  3. Download and install the app – this will add it to the list of accessible channels on the device. 

  4. Open the app and proceed to register as a new user on the Amazon website. To do this, choose the ‘Register on the Amazon Website’ option. 

  5. The next page reveals a unique code, which is the Amazon Prime Verification code. You will need this to complete the activation process on the platform. 

  6. Now, pick up your external internet-enabled device and log on to

  7. Log in (or register as a new user) to access your Amazon account. 

  8. Choose the Amazon Prime option and punch in the verification code you copied at (5).

  9. If the code is correct, complete the process by clicking on “Register Device.”

NB: If you are asked to select a preferred TV cable provider network, check the provided list and choose as applicable. 

Also, it is essential to note that the steps listed above are not universal. There may be slight differences, depending on the type and model of the streaming device or smart TV you are using. However, the guide should get you to activate your Prime Video on any of the compatible streaming device or Smart TV with ease. 

What if you do not have an account?

Except you are an already-registered Amazon member with an account, you may have a problem completing the steps above. If this is the case, we have highlighted the steps to create an Amazon Prime account for yourself below using the

  • Log on to the Amazon MyTV website on your internet-enabled device. 

  • Start a free trial by creating a new account by providing your full name, email address, and password. 

  • Log in to the email you have provided for a special verification link, which will redirect you to the page to complete the registration. 

  • Existing Amazon mytv users only need to provide their username and password to access the platform. 

Now, you can enjoy unrestricted access to Amazon Prime Video but on a free trial basis. To ensure long-term, uninterrupted access, all you have to do is upgrade to the full membership status at a cost, either annually or monthly. It is cheaper for students. 

Finally, there are lots of entertainment options on the Amazon Prime Video platform. The richness of the menu means there is always something for everyone. All you have to do is download the Amazon Prime app on your streaming device, activate it on and enjoy unlimited fun.