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Log in to your Amazon Payments account code Click Edit My Account Settings. Click Verify my e-mail address. Click Entering the 6 digit code setup | prime Video

Follow the steps given below to set up prime video subscription:

  1. You call for a high-speed online connection.

  2. Connect your device to an online connection or ether net cable.

  3. In case you don't own an account Amazon, then make an account.

  4. Amazon first through your smartphone or Computer.

  5. Then open the program on the TV.

  6. After launching the program, you may notice Sign-in using a created account .

  7. Click the pull-down button.

  8. After registering, you'll notice six digit activation code.

  9. Then you need to note that code for additional activation of the accounts.

Activate Amazon Prime video

  1. Require your Computer or smart-phone available the hyperlink onto it.

  2. Then you are going to notice a full page or create a merchant account.

  3. Click the create an accounts .

  4. Afterward you'll be requested for admissions credentials.

  5. You need to fill all the credentials such as your own name, current email , password, etc..

  6. Today your accounts was generated is generated.

  7. Then, you are going to notice that a page which requests six digit manipulation code.

  8. We've noted the six-digit activation-code. This code ought to be input .

  9. Once entering the activation code, then visit the television display, and you will observe your subscription is activated successfully. amazoncom-mytvcom

  10. Click the last button to delight in Amazon prime video.

What is Amazon Mytv ?

It allows its readers infinite streaming of movies and shows. The Majority of the articles accessible on Amazon Instant Video can be redeemed for free on Having an Amazon Prime membership. ... TV is perpetually expanding its Prime Video library using content that is new.

How do I sign in to Amazon Prime on Roku?

Launch Prime Video in your Roku and select"Sign In" from your channel's home screen menu. It's possible to sign-in onto your own Roku using your Amazon username and password, or work with a code to register on the Amazon site

Where do I enter my code?

Confirm your own identity using your Android device

  1. On your mobile, locate your Google Settings. Based upon your apparatus, either: In that your main Settings program, tap Google. ...

  2. Tap Manage your Google Account.

  3. Scroll directly and tap Security. Security code. ...

  4. You'll discover a 10-digit code.

  5. Enter the code on the telephone you need to sign on and tap Carry on.


These steps will allow you to enjoy prime videos on your smart TV without any problems. To avoid any problems, follow them in the order they are listed.

  1. Connect your smart TV with Internet services

  2. To download the app, go to the app store on your device Amazon Prime Video App

  3. To install Amazon My TV App, press or click on the Install button

  4. After installation, open the amazon video app

  5. Click on "Register Amazon Website".

  6. Notify your TV screen of the activation code.

  7. Go to Amazon Prime now :

  8. Get in touch with you amazon prime account.

  9. Enter your mytv Amazon activation code From your TV device

  10. Once you have the Amazon activation Once the process is complete, you will see a congratulatory message displayed on your TV screen

  11. Click"Continue"On Amazon My TV App

  12. Now you can Watch prime videos It is easy.