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Once the smart TV is connected to the uninterrupted internet connection, one can easily download the Amazon Prime application or by any default, all the smart TVs come with the pre-installed Amazon Prime app. There is a simple and easy way of getting started with the prime subscription. Through this article, we will discuss the steps to access amazon.com/us/code and use the subscription. So, let us get started!

What are the steps to access the Amazon subscription via www.amazon.com/code verification?

All you need is to follow the steps that are given here:

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime app and tap on the sign-in button, if you are already a member.

  2. Then you can go to the screen with the URL www.amazon.com/code verification code and you will see a six-digit alphanumeric code.

  3. Once you have opened the link to any of the devices such as Mobile, Laptop, or tablet, then you will have to sign in with the Amazon account details.

  4. After you sign in, the screen will display a box to enter the details and register your smart device or TV with amazon prime amazon.com/code tv.

  5. The box will display the code that will automatically change once you start to type the code that is displayed on the smart TV.

What are the benefits of having an Amazon Prime subscription via enter amazon code page?

Here are the different benefits that can be there when you having the Amazon Prime Subscription, here are the benefits listed:

  1. You will get the exclusive deals of the day on amazon.com/code.

  2. There is unlimited video streaming of the latest movies, award-winning Amazon originals, and TV shows across the globe.

  3. You can watch unlimited, ad-free access to your playlists, stations along with millions of songs and albums at no additional cost.

  4. Unlimited entertainment, with all the movies and shows that include in the prime, all in HD quality along with various languages.

  5. The customer gets a free and fast delivery on all the eligible purchases made.

  6. With prime, the customers also get various deals and offer that solely for the prime customers.

  7. The Amazon prime customers get more benefits from e-books with the subscription.

  8. The customers in Canada can access the range of selected e-books, comics, and much more but at no extra cost.

  9. After a 2-month trial offer to try prime video for free.

  10. With the help of Amazon Prime music and can always listen to a range of music.

How to register Amazon Prime on www.amazon.com/code activation?

If you wish to register the Amazon Prime, then you can follow the steps that are given below:

  1. First of all, you need to switch on the TV and snap on Amazon prime alternative seen on your TV.

  2. From that point, you will see a choice to enroll on www.amamzon.com /mytv.

  3. After this, you need to snap on the alternative where you see a six-digit code.

  4. Point to remember, the code should be marked with the account marking.

  5. Currently, you need a record on the website so that you can access the subscription.

  6. Finish the registration process completely on amazon.com/code.

How to sign in to your Amazon Prime tv account via www.amazon.com/code?

All you need to know you have to switch on the Smart TV and then visit the amazon com mytv code official website. The simple process to activate the Amazon prime video on the smart device or phone, you have to enter the code and tap on the enter button. Then you see the Amazon prime account activate and you can easily watch the web shows, movies, and videos. All you need to do is to follow the steps:

  1. Click on the Smart TV.

  2. On the landing page, you have to go to the Amazon Prime TV application.

  3. If you do not have it, then go to the play store or the App Store and download the app.

  4. Open the Amazon Prime app.

  5. Go to the sign-in choice on www.amazon.com/code alexa.

  6. You will get the code on the Smart TV to use the amazon discount code.

  7. Visit the site referenced on the screen via amazon.com/mytv.

  8. Enter the code and tap on the “Go” or “Enter” alternative.

  9. Soon you will get to notice the subscriptions on tv.

  10. You can appreciate watching the various shows and tv.

How to register with Amazon Prime video on the Android tv?

If you wish to register the Amazon Prime video on the Android tv, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Utilize the far-off provided with the Internet gadget, go to the "Home” button.

  2. Select the Amazon video symbol under the “Featured” apps.

  3. From the Amazon video app, just select the “Register on the Amazon site”.

  4. Just record the amazon activation code that is on the page.

  5. Record the amazon activation code.

  6. Utilize the PC, go to the website via amazon.com/code.

  7. Sign in with a functioning email address and secret key to create the account.

  8. Use the code recorded to interface the gadget with the Amazon account.

  9. Select the “Continue” button to use the Amazon coupon code.

  10. A confirmation message will pop up on-screen.

  11. Select the Continue button on the TV amazon video app to enjoy the Amazon Prime video.

How to watch Amazon prime video on Mobile Phone using an amazon promo code?

It is perfectly possible to use the Amazon prime video services from Android or iPhone mobile devices. Tablets. For this, you must have a perfectly connected internet connection and 4G with internet access via Wifi. Of course, it is also very much essential to enter the app stores and download the official app. Follow the steps to activate Amazon prime, here are the steps:

  1. For enacting the amazon membership, you need to follow some of the fundamental advances that are most important you need to look for the amazon prime video on the Smart TV.

  2. You presently need to pick the alternatives to sign in from the “Register on the Amazon website” tab.

  3. Tap on the option labeled as the “Sign in and Start” option.

  4. You will get the amazon check code and just note it down.

  5. After this, you have to open the internet browser and visit amazon.com/mytv.

  6. Enter the 6 digits code on the website to use the amazon promotion code.

  7. Trust that amazon will initiate the membership.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

By the end of these discussions, we are hoping that this piece of information has helped you to access amazon.com/code. However, if you still need to gather more pieces of information then you are recommended to visit the amazon.com/code official website "amazon" and get assistance for the same. On the website, you will get assistance from the professional technicians available on the website amazon code, amazon.com/code verification, amazon.com/us/code, www.amazon.com/code mcafee.com/activate.