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When shopping online at Amazon Europe from Malta and Gozo, you can get daily discounts and more with Amazon Malta. Shop for the latest fashion and luxury goods, electrical, home, electronics, sports and outdoors plus much more, with well over a billion products to choose from online, all at a massive discount.

Amazon Malta – Enjoy Discounted Online Shopping with Amazon Europe via the Amazon Malta site

Amazon (Amzn) is the largest online retailer. It’s an e commerce site that combines an online marketplace and merchants (like Ebay) with a traditional delivery/fulfilment system. Millions of shoppers buy goods such as luxury fashion items, electrical items, electronics and even groceries for example, and then have them shipped to their choice of address. Amazon Malta allows people living in Malta to buy from Amazon, getting deals and shopping options directly from Facebook and at a discount. Amazon has a large network of warehouses which makes for fast shipment of goods and keeps delivery pricing at a minimum, often providing free shipping over a certain amount and the ability to have same day shipping in some countries.

Amazon Malta offers a massive selection of well over a billion products and also their own home range, with Amazon’s Echo and Alexa smart home products taking centre stage. Amazon have also designed a successful range of tablet devices, from the Kindle E- readers that allow access to over 5 million e-book titles via Kindle Books, to the Fire Tablet range that have over 700,000 apps available on Amazon. The Amazon Fire tablets also feature Amazon’s Alexa integrated into the device. They also have Fire TV which features Netflix as well as others.

Among other services, they offer a Streaming music service and Amazon prime Malta is a subscription service that enable a buyer to make significant savings on a variety of goods and on-demand services offered by Amazon.

Selling on Amazon is also possible. By becoming an Amazon seller, you can create your own online store and sell with fulfilment by Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Is there Amazon in Malta? Does Amazon Ship to Malta? - Amazon Malta

Is Amazon available in Malta?

Yes. You can buy from one of Amazon Europe’s websites like Amazon UK straight from Malta in Euros (€)

Does Amazon deliver to Malta?

Yes. All your orders are fulfilled via Amazon international Shipping direct to Malta. To ensure the items you buy for are available for delivery to Malta, make sure to tick either Global Store or International Shipping eligible when you search for items to purchase.