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The Starting Line

This Amazing Israel Race will take you from the beaches of Tel Aviv to the Four Quarters of Jerusalem, and across the 8,550 square miles of Israel. Individually or as a team, take on the challenge to learn about the people, culture, and land of Israel in a six-stage adventure race.


Before clicking below to enter the race, take a moment to review the course markings that will guide you on the course. Good luck!


The explore icon marks a chance for you and your team to discover and learn about Israel. Check out all the resources provided (photos, videos, maps, websites).

You never know when that information will be advantageous later in the stage.


A detour is a little stop along your journey where your team takes on a shared experience—have fun together and then get back to the virtual race.

Don't forget to take pictures or screenshots of your team's creative work.


Each stage of the race includes a test of your Israel knowledge called an etgar (Hebrew for "challenge"). Points go directly to your team's place on the leaderboard.

Enter your exact team name (same spelling) when submitting an Etgar response—one per team per stage.


Each stage ends with a green lock and key: the cluebox. You must correctly enter the clue code in order to proceed to the next stage. This key code can be a word, phrase, or number. Don't worry, hints can be found throughout the stages.

There are six stages in all.

The Amazing Israel Race

with support from The Nachshon Project