Tuition and Policies

Tuition and FEES 2022-2023

Please note that all fees listed below are required for each family. These fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. We offer a 10% discount to those who pay their full year of tuition up front.

(Discount is not applied to registration, costumes, performance package, etc)


Registration Fee

Due at the time of registration, this fee secures a place for your dancer in each class.

  • Registration Fees

    • Early Bird Registration Fee (online or in person registration before August 1st)

      • $30 per student, $5 per additional sibling.

    • Regular Registration Fee (registration online or in person August 1st - August 31st )

      • $35 per student, $5 per additional sibling.

    • Late Registration Fee (registration beyond September 1st)

      • $40 per student, $5 per additional sibling

Performance Package

  • This package combines two fees that we have charged in the past, offering all of these items and services at a lower cost!

  • The Performance Package includes:

    • A video download of all recital performances.

    • 1 Recital t-shirt per dancer. (Additional t-shirts will be available for purchase!!)

    • A recital gift representing the theme of our recital.

    • Associated recital costs including scenery, props, etc.

  • Performance Package Prices

    • 1 - dancer family: $80

    • 2 - dancer family: $100

    • 3 - dancer family (or more): $120

  • Performance Package fees will be broken up into 2 installments. These charges will be added to your account 30 days before the due date.

    • Installment #1: Due April 1st

    • Installment #2: Due May 1st

Costume/Tights Fees

  • Every dancer will receive 1 costume per recital routine. Dancers enrolled in a fusion class (Minis only) will receive one costume with several pieces to create two different looks for their routines.

  • Costume Fees:

    • Recreational Classes: $65 per costume (XLA +: $75 per costume)

    • Fusion Classes: $90 per costume

    • Competition Teams: $70 per costume (XLA +: $80 per costume)

  • Costume fees are due by November 1st.

  • Costume payment plans are available by request! Costume payment plans allow families to break their costume fees into smaller installments paid monthly, November through February.

  • Each dancer is required to purchase tights ordered through the studio that will be worn for Picture Day and Recital ONLY. Note that you will need to purchase one pair of tights for each class grouping listed below.

    • Tight Fees: (due with Costume Fees)

      • Tiny Tot and Tot Classes: $10 (tan footed tights)

      • Mini/Junior/Teen Tap & Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Modern and Hip Hop Classes: $12 (tan stirrup tights)

      • Mini/Junior/Teen Ballet, Pointe Classes: $12 (pink convertible ballet tights)

    • Additional tights will be available for purchase. If your dancer rips or runs their tights, you will need to purchase a new pair for recital.

  • Dancers will wear the same shoes they are required to have for class for the recital, with the exception of hip-hop classes. Dancers in hip-hop will purchase sneakers that match their costume later in the year, usually in February/March. These shoes typically cost between $20 and $30.

Other Fees

  • Late Fees: $20 will be charged to any tuition payment made after the 15th of each month.

  • Returned Check Fee: $35

  • Online Service Fee: Online payments will be charged a 3% service fee.

  • Drop Fee: There will be a $100.00 early withdrawal fee for any student who doesn’t finish the entire dance year.

Dancers with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to participate in class until payments are made. Costume and Tights fees that are not paid in full by November 1st (or on a payment plan) will not be ordered. Families may be responsible for associated shipping costs for ordering costumes that were not ordered on time due to late Costume Payments.


Competitive Teams Tuition

  • Mini Team: $90/month

  • Junior Team: $125/month

  • Teen Team: $220/month

  • Senior Teen Team: $235/month

*Family discounts are available. Tuition does not include competition fees or specialty routine costs. These costs will be distributed throughout the year.

Recreational Tuition

  • Tuition is based on a full season of dance and then broken up into 10 installments owed monthly from September-June. Vacations and holidays have been taken into consideration. See breakdown below.

  • If the studio closes, refunds will not be given. Makeups will be offered at the discretion of AGDS.

Please click here for our Fall Recreational Tuition

General Studio POLICIES

  1. Students under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult to and from the studio at all times. We do not endorse students leaving Amazin' Grace without parental supervision. Students who are being picked up must wait inside the studio for their ride.

  2. Students are expected to fully participate in all classes for the entire duration. Disruptive students will be given a verbal warning; if disruption continues they may be asked to sit out or leave the dance room. There is zero tolerance for bullying; students who participate in bullying will be asked to leave the dance room and parents will be notified. Student(s) may be suspended for continued bullying.

  3. Please contact the studio if your child is to be absent or late to class. Absences/tardiness affects the entire flow of the class and may affect placement in the class and recital. Tardiness can be a safety issue if warm-up is missed, so a tardy student may be asked to warm-up on their own once they arrive. It is the student’s responsibility to learn any missed material by attending a make-up class, meeting up with a classmate, getting notes, talking to the teacher, etc.

  4. If a teacher is to be absent, we will try to have a substitute or a trained assistant teacher will run class. If, on the rare occasion, that a substitute cannot be found, classes will be rescheduled.

  5. Classes canceled due to inclement weather or illness may be made up at a later time. Make-up classes will be available at our discretion. Tuition will NOT be adjusted and refunds are NOT given for missed lessons or if a student quits during the month.

  6. Please ensure that you have read and fully understand our Tuition/Fees. All fees are non-refundable.

  7. There is a $100 withdrawal fee for any student who does not finish the entire dance season.

  8. For the past few years, we have held a Christmas mini-recital in December involving most of our classes. While this is an optional performance, it is a great experience for our dancers. Dancers do not need to purchase an additional costume for this performance, we typically have dancers wear something they may already have in their closet. Information about this performance is typically available in October.

  9. All students perform in our annual recital in June –date TBA- (unless it’s a non-performing class). Students will NOT be allowed to perform in the rehearsal/recital if ALL payments are not made in full before June 10th.

  10. Costumes are selected by the Amazin’ Grace Staff and are reviewed/approved by our director to ensure they are age appropriate.

  11. Amazin' Grace will handle the steaming and preparation of costumes including minor alterations. If a costume requires major alterations, parents will be responsible for the additional costs.

  12. Students 8 years and older are encouraged to wear a nude leotard under costumes at the recital if they have any costume changes.

  13. Shoe requirements must be followed for each class. These may be purchased through Bailey’s Slipper Shop or Discount Dance Supply online. DO NOT wear purchased dance shoes until approved by the class teacher! Shoes cannot be returned once worn and we are not responsible.

  14. Attendance of any and all "Recital Rehearsals” are mandatory in order for students to participate in the Recital.

  15. Cell phones are to be silenced and put away in the designated cell phone area once a student enters the dance room. If there’s an emergency where a student absolutely needs to leave their phone on, they MUST speak to their teacher at the beginning of class. Students may be asked to leave if they do not comply. Parents who need to reach their child during dance class are encouraged to call the studio.

  16. The studio waiting area is designated for students to do homework, eat, rest etc. in between classes. Parents, please be courteous of students and keep conversations quiet. Small children are not to be left unattended. Disruptive or noisy children may be asked to leave.

  17. A monthly newsletter is generally available; these are loaded with important info and upcoming events. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to get the newsletter from the studio or if posted on the website.

  18. A professional photographer and videographer are used for picture day and the recital. No other photography or videos are allowed during these events.

  19. Due to the nature of dance as an art form, there may be times when a teacher may need to physically assist a student with a dance movement or technique.

CLASS Placement

  • Class placements are at the sole discretion of the director and teachers. Students may be placed in a class outside of their age bracket at the discretion of the studio. We strive to place students in classes based not only on age but on proper technique level, behavior/maturity and other factors. The number of years a student has been dancing does not necessarily reflect class placement.

  • If you are registering your child online and you have questions regarding class placement, please email us. Note that if you register your child for a class that the staff feel the dancer may not be prepared for, we may contact you or suggest an alternative class selection.

  • We have a select number of classes that are by invitation only. Dancers without an invitation to this class may not register for it.

  • Dancers must audition to participate in competition classes.

  • Our classes often fill up quickly! If you are interested in a class that is full, we can put you on a waiting list.

Please make sure you have read ALL of the policies carefully and are in full agreement. Upon registration, you will sign a waiver agreeing to your knowledge and understanding of all payments, policies and class placements.

Any policy may be changed at Amazin' Grace’s discretion at any time.

Parents/guardians will be notified of any changes by a posting inside the studio.