June 26 – June 30, 2023

11th General AMAMEF conference

Group Picture AMaMeF 2023

IMW-CRC-Participants and Organizers (Bielefeld University)

AMaMeF, acronym for Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance, is a European network of research promoting the exchange and diffusion of knowledge  in the field of Mathematical Finance. A brief survey of AMaMeF is available here, including a listing of the current members of its Acting Board. Under the auspices of AMaMeF numerous conferences, workshops and other scientific activities have been organized. Among these the General AMaMeF Conferences have been the biggest, and they are currently organized in a roughly two-yearly schedule.  

The 11th General AMaMeF conference is organized by the Center for Mathematical Economics and the CRC1283 "Taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity in analysis, stochastics and their application".

The program consists of plenary lectures, invited and contributed sessions, and posters, addressing a full range of topics in Mathematical Finance and its applications.

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