Alvin Jin

Tokyo, May 2018

I am a first year PhD student at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My (current) advisors are Greg Arone (Stockholm University) and Wojciech Chacholski (KTH).

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  • Current Contact: alvinj shift + 2

I am broadly interested in topology, ranging from geometric topology to symplectic topology. Currently, I am focusing on (applied) algebraic topology. Specifically, I am looking at the applications of topology to data science and machine learning.

One can usually find me at a tea shop around Stanford or Berkeley. More recently, since pearl milk tea is not a European phenomenon, I have relocated to a cafe of some sort.

If I do not respond to an e-mail within the same day it was sent, one of the following has occurred: I probably missed the e-mail, the e-mail requires considerable thought, or I am extremely busy (probably one of the first two). Please send me a reminder e-mail as necessary. If I can do something in less than an hour, I probably will do it immediately.