Donations accepted until May 15, 2020

Register for Virtual ProGrad Event

Seniors must register for the Virtual Project Graduation Event on May 23. Last day to register is May 8!

Please fill out so we have an accurate listing of student and parent names as well as contact information.

The link to the Goolge Hangout meeting on May 5 at 7pm will be sent to people who have filled out the membership form.

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What is Project Graduation?

Project Graduation is a drug and alcohol free event for graduating seniors. It is typically held the night of graduation, lock-in style. Graduating seniors will have a say in the location (eg. Main Event, Urban Air, etc.)Students will meet at the high school at a designated time and ride buses to the location. Food will be served, prizes given away, and memories made with their high school friends before they go to the next stage of their lives. Project Graduation can cost around $30,000. Many fundraisers are held during the school year so that the event is free to all students in attendance. Meetings are held regularly for parents and students so they can be involved in the planning and fundraising process.
Due to COVID-19 our plans are changing to a Virtual Project Graduation Event. Please view our slideshows and you can always e-mail us with questions.