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This is Altrea, a story, adventure, and a world long forgotten. This is a archive of all of the adventures that occur in Altrea and the unlikely heroes that star in this story. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our world, and hopefully, you too can become a hero.

Hello and welcome Friends, Foes, and magical Crows, to the Adventures in Altrea podcast! From Flash Cast, a five minute recap of every session to Altrean Asides, digging into the lore of Altrea, we welcome you to our world! May all you listeners from across the planes enjoy the triumphs, failures, and journey of an unlikely groups adventure in Altrea.

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The Verian Empire is where we start this wondrously dangerous adventure. Ruled by King Verian and kept safe by the Radiant Knights, it used to be the pride of Altrea for the illusterous school of magic known as the Midvale Academy. Yet, as a fire over one hundred years ago burned almost all of the magic texts, the Empire has been in tatters ever since. With the resurgence of magic in the past few years, the Radiant Knights have been doing everything they can to regain the power they've lost. Yet, simply trying to survive the mist and the wilds has made it a sum zero game for the Empire and Radiant Knights.